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10+ Top Traffic Laws in India which you might not know

Introduction Traffic laws are put in place to ensure the safety of all road users and to maintain order on the roads. While many people...

Recording Phone Calls, Tapping Phone Lines: A Breach of Privacy

Introduction "Privacy is a constitutionally protected right which emerges primarily from the guarantee of life and personal liberty in Article 21 of the Constitution." This...

The New Indian Working Hour Policy: An Overview

The New Indian Working Hour Policy Came into Effect from 1st July 2022. Introduction In the present modern world, working hour plays a crucial role...

Unconditional Stay of an Arbitral Award: A Confounding Saga

Introduction In a bid to smoothen Kompetanz-Kompetenz principle, India has time and again amended Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The most recent one being Arbitration...

How can law students make the most of their first NGO internship?

Hello young and jovial law students! Welcome to the new phase of your life. We hope you are enjoying your law school life and also...

Assessment Internship Opportunity at Acrum Global (Physical & Virtual)

About Acrum Global Arcum Global is a legal management firm specialized in residency planning and global business setups. Designation Long-term Interns & Assessment Interns Job Location New Delhi &...

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