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Human Trafficking: The Inhuman Displacement

Abstract Human rights are the pivot around which human trafficking and its laws are developed. In the simplest sense, human trafficking means the illegal, involuntary...

Trending Legal Topics for Legal Blogs [2022]

Legally Flawless has always encouraged law students to keep on writing quality legal blogs/ articles. However, the major hurdle which a lot of Law...

Analyzing the Impact of Deceptive Healthcare Products, Practices and Medical Negligence on Consumers

Introduction Everyone wants to live a healthy life since health is vital in people's lives. People seek assistance from hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities...

Analyzing the Prohibition Of Surrogate Advertisements

Introduction Misleading advertisements are a huge issue in a country like ours. Several companies have indulged in the process of misleading the customers via false...

Analyzing the Growing Dilemma of Paying Service Charge at Restaurants

Introduction An unsavoury row over service charge has led to a ban on restaurants and hotels from adding a service charge to bills. Over the...

Internship Opportunity At De Penning & De Penning

About De Penning & De Penning: Since 1856, they have committed themselves to protecting creative integrity and ingenuity. They believe intellectual property rights are fundamental...

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