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A Glimpse through the new Labour Code 2022

The new labour code 2022 was enacted by the ministry of labour and employment which was proposed to be implemented from July 1 2022....

Role of Indian Judiciary in implementing International Law

Abstract Different countries had different methods of incorporating international law into their domestic legal system. These methods gave shape to two theories Monist theories and...

Human Trafficking: The Inhuman Displacement

Abstract Human rights are the pivot around which human trafficking and its laws are developed. In the simplest sense, human trafficking means the illegal, involuntary...

Trending Legal Topics for Legal Blogs [2022]

Legally Flawless has always encouraged law students to keep on writing quality legal blogs/ articles. However, the major hurdle which a lot of Law...

Analyzing the Impact of Deceptive Healthcare Products, Practices and Medical Negligence on Consumers

Introduction Everyone wants to live a healthy life since health is vital in people's lives. People seek assistance from hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities...

Legal internship opportunity at Unacademy

About Unacademy is an Indian online education platform with its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. It prepares students for various competitive exams, as well as provides content on foundational ...

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