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Disappointed with your CLAT 2022 results? You can still have a bright legal career

clat 2022 | llm clat 2022 | clat 2022 results | clat exam | NLU| National Law Universities| Common Law Admission Test| Law Entrance...

Right to Property as a Constitutional Right

IntroductionEvery citizen is protected and guaranteed certain human rights, such as the right to free speech and expression, the right to equality, and other...

Enforceability of Specific Performance as a part of Contract

IntroductionSpecific performance acts as a remedy for breach in contract, where the court orders the party who breached the contract to perform a specific...

Right to Maintenance in Live-in Relationship

IntroductionMarriages in India have always been considered to be a sacred/divine bond between the Husband and  Wife. From Ancient India to the current scenario,...

All You Need To Know About Writing For Legally Flawless Blog

Why should you publish on the Legally Flawless Blog?Legally Flawless Blog is one of the fastest-growing Legal Blogs in India. As of now, it...

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