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Riddhi Patni

Maharashtra National law University, Aurangabad

" At Legally Flawless, I had a very enriching experience. I learned a lot about how to research and improve my writing skills. The topics assigned to me helped me to elevate my knowledge about some laws and procedures related to it. It was a new experience for me which proved to be a stepping stone in this 5 year long journey. "

Sarthak Pant

Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, Vishakhapatnam

" It had been so much fun working with Legally Flawless. The topics that I had written articles on are so important and essential for the public to understand and comprehend on. The team at Legally Flawless is doing a fabulous job. They guide the interns with so much compassion. I would suggest more and more law students intern under Legally Flawless, so as to only help themselves learn and grow more. "

Tanisha gautam

Institute of Law, Nirma University

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Akanksha Pandey

Law College Dehradun, Faculty of Uttaranchal University

" The team helped me in selecting appropriate topics for legal research, and provided guidance and clarifications whenever needed. I was also provided with proper feedback for each article, and the constructive reviews provided by the editorial team helped me to improve my writing and researching skills. I acknowledge my deep gratitude to the legally flawless team for developing the researcher in me, and for providing me the opportunity to present my views in the form of legal articles, on the reputed legally flawless blogs "

Avikalp Mishra

National law Institute university, Bhopal

" I was supposed to research and write about two legal topics. It has been quite a new and an enriching experience as I had no previous knowledge about the topics given. This really helped in furthering my knowledge not only about these topics but also the things related to it. It also helped in honing my writing and researching skills. I hope this experience would help me not only through my law school journey but also after that"

Neha Bhardwaj

Institute of Law Nirma, Ahmedabad

I feel privileged to have been a part of Legally Flawless team as a research assistant in the month of June. The whole month was very fruitful and enriching. The legally flawless team is very supporting and always help the students if they are having any kind of doubts or queries, the work environment was very friendly. All I would say it was a great experience to be a part of Legally Flawless team as a Research Assistant.

Jyotika Saroha

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Law University, Sonipat

" I extend my sincere thanks to legally flawless. Team legally flawless is doing extraordinary job by providing with diverse opportunities related to every mode of legal aspects. The process was very smooth. All my queries were duly and promptly answered by the team. I thoroughly enjoyed this internship. I learned more than I expected, was really helpful in interpretation and Writing skills. The team legally flawless was completely dedicated"

Deva Dharshini K

Dr Ambedkar Govt law college Pudupakkam, Chennai