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Afraid of Layoffs? Analyzing its legality and impact

Introduction Layoff is one of the most pervasive words in the news recently. Accenture announced that it will lay off 19,000 employees globally. Furthermore, six...

Revenue Sharing Contract in Oil & Gas Industry and its Advantages

Introduction In the hydrocarbon sector, the term "Revenue Sharing Contract" (RSC) refers to a contract between a contractor and the government under which the contractor...

Biopiracy in India: Exploring the Laws and Regulations to Protect Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity

Introduction Biopiracy refers to the illegal or unauthorized acquisition of biological resources and traditional knowledge of indigenous communities by individuals or organizations, often for commercial...

An overview of the Indian extradition laws and the challenges in extraditing fugitives from India

INTRODUCTION Extradition is the legal process through which one country transfers a person accused or convicted of a crime to another country where the person...

Trending Legal Topics for Legal Blogs [2023]

Legally Flawless has always encouraged law students to keep on writing quality legal blogs/ articles. However, the major hurdle which a lot of Law...

Internship Opportunity at Zeal Attorneys

About the Internship Founded by Shilpi Mehta Nanda, the office Specializes in Intellectual Property Law, Contractual Law, Unfair Competition and Advertisement Law, Litigation and Telecom,...

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