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India as an Arbitration Hub: A Distant Reality

Why Arbitration is pivotal in India? India has a long and diverse history of arbitration because the importance of alternative dispute resolution has always been...

Is Menstrual Leave an Indirect Discrimination?

Introduction Recently, the Supreme Court of India has denied hearing a PIL filed by an advocate Shailendra Mani Tripathi seeking to grant Menstrual leave to...

IPR and Civil Aviation: An Analysis

Introduction Civil aviation refers to the operation of aircraft for non-military purposes, such as commercial air travel, cargo transportation, and private aviation. It encompasses a...

Interplay of AI-Enabled Surveillance Cameras with Privacy of Citizens

Background Recently, Kerela Government green-flagged the installation of AI-enabled Traffic Cameras on the roads to ensure the e-regulation of traffic rules. AI-enabled cameras are developed...

Collective Bargaining and its Role in Labour Relations

Collective bargaining is a tool through which the dispute between labour and employer can be resolved. Since if a dispute is settled through a...

Internship Opportunity at D&K Law Offices

About the Internship: Interns in the 4-5th year of law school. Keen on learning and understanding Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, Commercial Courts Act, 2015, Writs...

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