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Case Analysis of Occidental Exploration and Production Company v. The Republic of Ecuador

Introduction “Occidental Exploration and Production Company v. The Republic of Ecuador” is a 2002 Investor-State case decided by the “London Court of International Arbitration” (LCIA)...

Women and IP: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity

Introduction Intellectual property (IP) is an essential aspect of innovation and economic growth. It allows individuals and organizations to protect their creative works, inventions, and...

India as an Arbitration Hub: A Distant Reality

Why Arbitration is pivotal in India? India has a long and diverse history of arbitration because the importance of alternative dispute resolution has always been...

Is Menstrual Leave an Indirect Discrimination?

Introduction Recently, the Supreme Court of India has denied hearing a PIL filed by an advocate Shailendra Mani Tripathi seeking to grant Menstrual leave to...

IPR and Civil Aviation: An Analysis

Introduction Civil aviation refers to the operation of aircraft for non-military purposes, such as commercial air travel, cargo transportation, and private aviation. It encompasses a...

Weekly RoundUp of Legal Internships

This is the complete list of Internship Opportunities shared by Legally Flawless through its WhatsApp Groups between 29th May 2023 – 04th June 2023. Get...

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