All You Need To Know About Writing For Legally Flawless Blog

Why should you publish on the Legally Flawless Blog?

Legally Flawless Blog is one of the fastest-growing Legal Blogs in India. As of now, it is read by in more than 20 countries throughout the world. So, the biggest reason to get your article published at the Legally Flawless Blog is the huge viewership each article gets. Legally Flawless has become one of the popular legal blogs amongst lawyers and law students within a span of just 2 years.

So, if you are a:

  1. Lawyer who is willing to publish great legal content on the web; or
  2. Law Student who is looking out to publish his/her well-researched college project; or
  3. An academician or a legal blogger who wants to get his/her comments on legal issues or updates on recent amendments published,

Then Legally Flawless is the right platform for you to publish your article at.

We publish only original articles that are authentic and are meant for the exclusive publication at the Legally Flawless Blog. If you have written articles analysing legal issues, career in law, legal industry, reviews of law colleges, internship experiences, lifestyle of lawyers, job experiences at Law Firms, then we would be happy to publish it at the Legally Flawless Blog.   

The biggest reason to publish your article at Legally Flawless is that you can reach a wide audience by publishing your article. Further, we don’t straight away publish any article you submit. Thus, maintaining the authenticity and quality of the blogs published at our platform.

Therefore, we run each article through a plagiarism and Grammar Check and if your article has a number of grammatical errors and a plagiarism of more than 25%, we reject the article straight-away.  

Below, we will explain all the things you need to know if you want to submit an article to Legally Flawless. But first, let us tell you about what is Legally Flawless and how is the blog doing.

About Legally Flawless

Legally Flawless is the one-stop solution for law students and lawyers looking for specific legal queries. Legally Flawless has become an authentic source of information for the legal fraternity. We are growing rapidly with more than 1 lakh page views in the previous month. Our objective is to create legal awareness  which is easily understandable even by a common-man.

Legally Flawless is also a part of the 100 Best Indian Law Blogs and Websites of Feedspot.

Why did we start the Legally Flawless Blog?

Legally Flawless was started in 2020 by Utkarsh Pandit along with Aum Purohit, Mayank Shyamsukha and Paras Panjwani. They are students at Institute of Law Nirma University. The idea came when we observed that a lot of our batch-mates are paying thousands of rupees in order to get their legal articles published just for the sake of a certificate without bothering about the quality of the article. Therefore, our major objective to start this Legal Blog was to encourage Law Students to write legal articles and get them published without charging a single penny.

From the past two years with the efforts of the whole team, the Legally Flawless Blog has grown substantially in terms of both quality and quantity. There is no doubt that the editors of the Legal Blog played a substantial role in making Legally Flawless a success.

Legally Flawless is run majorly by passionate volunteers who want to make authentic legal information accessible.

How to submit your articles?

To submit your article, all you need to do is Click Here. It is a simple interface.

We also help law students get their articles published through the Research Assistant Program at Legally Flawless. Through this program, we acquaint law students on writing quality legal articles. To know more about the Research Assistant Program, click here. You can apply for the Research Assistant Program through the Google Form.

Promotional articles

In case, you wish to submit an article for the sake of backlinks to your landing pages, or for the promotion of your products or services, then such articles are not to be submitted via the above link rather you can just reach out to [email protected]. We charge a small amount of advertising fee for such promotional articles.

Standard of articles published at Legally Flawless

We receive a lot of articles for publication each month. However, most of the articles are rejected being plagiarized and use of improper Grammar. Therefore, to get your articles published at Legally Flawless, authors must must maintain a good quality standard which is not limited to good English, but proper legal analysis of issues, proper flow of the article, etc.

Articles of atleast 1500-2000 words are preferred. The article must include proper information with analysis. The authors are discouraged to just copy and paste statutes and paragraphs from judgments to increase the word count.

Needless to say, the articles must be legally correct and justifiable.

The practice of writing is important. So, don’t be discouraged if you are finding it hard to get your articles published but learn from your mistakes. Also, do maintain a habit of writing.

All the Best!

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