PAID Internship Opportunity at Openin (App) | Bengaluru | Stipend: 20K – 30K per month

About Openin:

Almost all your favorite creators on Instagram share links to their latest YouTube videos or YouTube channels in their bio or stories. But whenever you tap on those links, you get redirected to the YouTube website instead of the YouTube app. And here you can’t watch the video in full screen nor can you like it, comment on it or subscribe to the channel.

Ever wondered why it is so? That’s because Instagram has something called a Built—IN-Browser that opens up instead of opening the app you wanted to open. Which is not cool at all….And this is not just so for IG but for all your favorite social media apps eg. YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, Telegram, Quora etc.

So they fixed this problem of sub-optimal user experiences by building a tool that ensures all social media links open in the apps they should. It’s called OpeninApp. And it is already loved by over 20,000 influencers & brands including the likes of Munawar Faruqui, Raj Shamani, Riva Arora, Aishwarya (Ranjnikant-ji’s daughter), Trakin Tech, Mamaearth etc. And has been used by 55Mn+ users.

Responsibilities of the Intern:

  • Assist in legal research and analysis.
  • Draft legal documents and contracts.
  • Review and summarize legal documents.
  • Support case preparation and filings.
  • Participate in client interviews and meetings.
  • Contribute to regulatory compliance efforts.
  • Help maintain legal databases and records.
  • Aid in legal administrative tasks.
  • Collaborate with the legal team on projects.
  • Gain practical experience in legal procedures.


  • Idea-to-reality passion and a track record of successful product launches.
  • Superhero-level data analysis, trend spotting, and winning strategy formulation.
  • Excellent communication skills, simplifying technical jargon.
  • Dedication to user experience and a keen eye for emerging technologies and trends.
  • Positive attitude inspiring others, making work enjoyable.
  • Proven ability to navigate fast-paced startup challenges.


Rs. 20,000/- to 30,000/- per month




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