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At Jagran Lakecity University, we are committed to provide our students a holistic environment that promotes self- awareness and competency. Founded on life-enriching values, we are a completely government recognized and approved state private university under section 2(f) of UGC Act 1956, Government of India. Recognized as Global League Institute in 2015 & 2016 By the Great Place to Study Research Institute and ranked as No. 1 Private University by Career 360 for 2017, the university has become a vital part of Central India in a short span of 5 years. JLU is a practice-based University, which carries forward the legacy of Jagran Social Welfare Society in being a pioneer in provision of quality education. The courses on offer through various Schools embody the University’s longstanding commitment to leadership and innovation in higher education. The curriculum for individual course is designed through a perfect blend of inputs from renowned academicians and industry leaders who are a part of our academic advisory board. The academics at JLU are of
the highest global calliber and are committed to excellence in teaching and learning.

Moot Proposition

“Kindly refer to the attached Annexure titled, ‘Moot Proposition AUAP -JLU IMCC 2022, VI EDITION OF JLU MOOT COURT COMPETITION“.

Rules & Guidlines

  1. Structure Of The Competition

The Competition will be structured as per the following format:
• Preliminary Rounds
• Quarter Final Rounds
• Semi Final Rounds
• Final Round

  1. Language

The language of the Competition shall be English.

  1. Definition

3.1 “Organizing Committee” means the Moot Court Committee of the Jagran Lakecity
University, Bhopal (M.P.), members thereof, or any person/persons appointed for the
administration and conduct of the Competition, by the said Moot Court Committee.
3.2.”Advanced Round” means the Final Round, Semi-Final Rounds and Quarter-Final
Rounds of the Competition.
3.3. “Bench Memorial” means the Memorial of law, issues and authorities concerning the
competition problem prepared by the Authors/Administrator.
3.4. “Claimant” means the side that argues on behalf of the Claimant at any given point in the competition.
3.5 “Clarifications” refer to procedural order(s) and/or any clarification(s) issued by the Organizing Committee of the moot pursuant to Rule 8.
3.6 “Competition” means the AUAP-JLU International Moot Court Competition, 2022.
3.7 “IST” means Indian Standard Time.
3.8 “Memorial” means the written arguments submitted by each team, submitted according to these Rules.
3.9 “Speaker” refers to a participant who presents oral arguments in any given round.
3.10 “Oral Round” means a team’s pleadings, comprising two speakers, submitted orally in
front of arbitrators, acting as adjudicators, on behalf of one of the parties against another
team representing the opposing party.
3.11 “Participant” refers to any member of an institution participating in the competition.
3.12 “Penalty” refers to the deductions imposed on the Memorial scores of a participating
institution, as provided for under Rule 17.2.
3.13 “Plagiarism” If, in the Memorial checker’s opinion, there is found to be an instance of
plagiarism prevalent in a certain Memorial, the participating institution alleged to have
committed plagiarism will be asked to show cause by the Organizing Committee. If found
guilty of plagiarism, the Organizing Committee may impose any sanction that it may deem fit, including disqualification from the Moot.
3.14 “Preliminary Rounds” means the oral rounds which take place before the advanced round, and for the purpose of determining which teams qualify for the advanced rounds.
3.15 “Problem” means the official Moot Proposition released by the Organizing Committee.
Clarifications as defined under Rule 3.5 shall form part of the problem.
3.16 “Rebuttals” refer to the arguments presented by the Claimant in response to the
Respondent’s submissions at the end of the main pleadings of all the speakers.
3.17 “Respondent” means the side that argues on behalf of the Respondent at any given point in the competition.
3.18 “Scouting” means a person observing the Oral Rounds of a team other than the team such person is associated with.
3.19 “Surrebuttal” refers to the defence presented by the Respondent to the rebuttals.
3.20 “Team Code” refers to the code allocated to a participating institution by the
administrator after completion of the registration process.
3.21 “Tribunal” means a collective reference to the arbitrators present at the oral round,
where an “arbitrator” is an adjudicator of an oral round.
3.22 “Video Conference” refers to the video call on the specified platform, the details of which will be specified at a later point of time.


The Competition is open to all students, enrolled Bonafide on a regular basis in an Undergraduate/Postgraduate law course or its equivalent conducted by any recognized institution.
A recognized institution shall be entitled to send only one team to the competition, whether from the Undergraduate or Postgraduate law course, or a mixed team.


The winner of the Final Round will be declared the “Winning Team”, while the losing
finalists will be declared the “Runners-Up”.
The Teams with the highest total Memorial score will be awarded the “Best Memorial”
The speaker with the highest average score at the conclusion of the preliminary rounds
will be adjudged the “Best Speaker”.
Awards include monetary prizes to the meritorious participants and access to research
• Best Team: INR1,25,000 (USD 1,670)
Runners-Up: INR 75,000 (USD 1,000)
• Best Memorial: INR 20,000 (USD 267)
• Best Speaker: INR 20,000 (USD 267)
• Best Researcher: INR 20,000 (USD 133)

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