Virtual Internship Experience under Adv. Anil Dutta Sharma (Delhi High Court)

Name of the Law Intern 

Harshitha Leela Krishna

College Name of the Law Intern

MCL college of law

Current Year 

3rd year

Details of the Advocate

Mr. Anil Dutta Sharma is a Legal advisor and legal consultant and Advocate at Sharma and Associates, New Delhi, India. He is practicing in Delhi High Court and District Courts. He deals with civil, criminal, matrimonial and consumer matters.

E-mail :[email protected]

Reasons for Interning with Advocate Anil Dutta Sharma

Sir teaches practical aspects of the law. He teaches daily one hour during the internship.

  1. He teaches the subject in a very easy and understanding manner and he is very punctual.
  2. He teaches not only lessons but he also observes whether students can understand the lectures and he takes the everyday attendance of each student with the help of the co-ordinator.

Duration of Internship 

One month

Application and Selection Procedure 

Applicants (law students irrespective of year of study and college) can send their resume and Id card via email.

Work allotted during the Internship 

He gives Assignments during the Internship

1. Some drafting assignments

2. Case discussion or case debate.

3. Article writing or judgment writing or case analysis.

Daily schedule of the Internship? 

1 hour per day on Google meet.

Was it a paid or unpaid Internship?

Unpaid but he gives reward for best Article or case analysis.

Lessons learnt during the Internship? 

I learnt three important things from this internship regarding drafting, practical aspects of law and case analysis, and case debate

1. Drafting: I learnt to draft legal notice, rent agreement and bail application.

2. Practical aspects of law, I learnt:

  1. To calculate court fees
  2. About FIR and chargesheet?
  3. About deed and type of deeds?
  4. About Affidavits
  5. About divorce and its types
  6. About Bail and its types
  7. One case of either cheque bounce or POCSO or any bail application or theft or murder is explained with document representation.

3. Case analysis and case debate: One case is given to interns for case analysis and for case debate the interns are divided into two groups with the help of co-ordinator and she takes responsibility for organizing the case debate under the supervision of Sir.

Perks/ Certificates

Internship certificate and an article publication certificate.

Any success mantra/ techniques you got to learn from the Advocate Anil Dutta Sharma during the Internship? 

Yes, I have learned some practical aspects of law and he gives guidance to juniors and interns, on how to behave in court and how to perform during court proceedings.

Advice for future internees? 

Those who want to do this internship need to know basic Hindi.


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