Safety and Security of Children and Violence in West Bengal


Several incidents of violence have been witnessed in the past few months in West Bengal. These have left many people injured and dead in the state. Not only men and women are getting affected, but the small children living there are suffering too. The children were targeted and subjected to inhuman, degrading treatment and were tortured brutally.

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) wrote to the Chief Secretary of West Bengal, in which it demanded a probe into post-poll violence affecting children. This article focuses on the safety and security of the children being subjected to violence in Bengal. It also highlights the incidents of violence happening in Bengal and its consequences.

What is happening in Bengal?

Since the results of the West Bengal Assembly elections came out on 2nd May 2021, Bengal has been suffering and has witnessed a whole lot of incidents of violence. This ongoing violence has led to the death of several people. The BJP party alleged that after the results of the election were announced, their office situated in Hooghly district was set on fire. It was also said by Dilip Ghosh, a BJP State President that neither the police nor the administration came up to help the people in need. The pictures and videos of violence happening in Bengal are all over the internet. Apart from this, several residences and shops were allegedly vandalized. Shops were getting looted, women were getting molested, buildings and offices were set on fire and the children were not even spared.

A Chhatra Parishad activist named Mir Sahin was also attacked, his family was beaten up and assaulted, from children to women, nobody was spared and everything in his home was vandalized too. The pictures of his home were on the internet.

Elections happen from time to time in every state in India but the post-poll violence happening in Bengal is shocking. There is political violence, arson, vandalism, killing, and intimidation that shames democracy. The main reason for all these incidents is still not known.

Unacceptable Violence in Bengal

The Union Home Ministry sought a report in detail from the government of West Bengal on the post-election violence that left 11 people dead.

Six deaths were reported in the alleged backlash. Over 4000 houses were ransacked, and 100 shops were looted overnight. An elderly woman named Shovarani Mandal was allegedly killed while she was trying to protect her son. Also, a boy named Manik Baidya, who was 19 years old, was killed. Due to all these violent acts happening in Bengal, more than a thousand Hindu families have been leaving their homes. There are reports of molestation of women and rapes were attempted too. Not only the women were treated badly, but the children were also getting molested too.

However, most of the videos and pictures of these incidents, when verified resulted in fake news. Five days after the announcement of the results of the Assembly Election, the Kolkata Police urged people to report fake news from its official Twitter account.

Kolkata Police tweeted from its official account:

“If you have any information about FAKE NEWS. You can send an email to [email protected]or contact: Land 03322143000.”

Many reports were called out as fake by the West Bengal Police. Some of them are:

  • On May 6, 2021, the Kolkata Police busted a fake post in which a pro BJP handle claimed that their party worker Mainak Moitre was killed in Sitalkilchi. This was not true.
  • BJP polling agents allegedly being raped in Birbhun was also not true.
  • Kolkata Police is taking legal action in this regard. A scroll on the timeline of the official handles of the police forces refers to a dozen or much more videos and pictures of violence, burning of vehicles and houses, being called out as fake.

Effects of Violence on People in West Bengal, Particularly Children

West Bengal was no doubt, in the throes of violence after the result of elections that resulted in several deaths of the people. Concerning this, the National Committee for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has written to West Bengal’s chief secretary over the post-poll violence happening in the state, which is affecting children. The chairperson of NCPCR Priyank Kanungo said in the letter thatthe incidents of violence happening in the state have made the people vulnerable and at a high risk of harm and danger, especially children. A complaint was received to NCPCR in which the complainant claimed that many children have been recruited to participate in the incidents of violence. The NCPCR requested that an inquiry must be made concerning the children, being used for illegal activities. It was also said that a report of the inquiry with all the information on the necessary steps taken by the government must be provided to the NCPCR within seven days.

Not only had the NCPCR demanded inquiry but also the National Human Rights Commission for Women demanded inquiries for all the violent incidents happening in the state. The women were getting molested and raped, this is, definitely, a shameful act, happening in the state. Moreover, the people are getting intimidated and killed.

Violation of Human Rights in West Bengal

As a lot of violent incidents have been happening in West Bengal, after the result of elections came out, there has been a lot of incidents that have violated the Human Rights of a lot of people. Human Rights, are the basic rights that are provided to every person, regardless of their gender, caste, race, sex, etc. These are the necessary rights for the survival of humans and are for everyone. Many human rights violations are happening in the state. The people are suffering just because they supported some other party and are getting harassed, molested, and killed, which violates the right to freedom of expression and speech. They are not being treated equally, rather are suffering, which violates their right to equality. Moreover, the men, the women, and the children, all are getting exploited, and they have a right against exploitation. The right to life, liberty, and property is also being violated as various offices were burnt, shops and homes were vandalized, and people were killed too. This right to life, liberty, and property is enshrined in Article 21 of the Constitution of India. The condition of Bengal was so terrible after the result of the elections were announced. Various human rights violations are held at places in West Bengal.


People are getting molested, raped, and even killed in West Bengal, even the small children are suffering. They are being subjected to inhuman, degraded treatment, which they do not deserve. This is so disheartening. The results of the elections do matter as they are for the welfare of the people but not more than the precious lives of the people. The Government has to look into the matter and take all the necessary measures to make the condition better in there. Though some of the pictures and videos uploaded on the internet were fake, still, something must have happened there as the news channels are saying that too. The Government must take the necessary steps for the welfare of the people living there. No matter the people of West Bengal voted for which party, but they would not have voted for this lawlessness that is happening there right now.



This article is authored by Sehaj Sarin, Student at The Law School, Jammu University.

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