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As the second milestone of our Plan of Action, the Journal and Seminar Committee announced the launch of Legis Sententia, (Legis – law or legislation; Sententia – an opinion) the official undergraduate blog of the Department of Law, University of Calcutta on August 2019. Legis Sententia intends to address the need for law students to remain periodically up-to-date with contemporaneous facets of law. The Journal and Seminar Committee operates the blog through Medium, an online blog publishing platform and accept submissions on a rolling basis. The Editorial Board of Legis Sententia, shall entertain Legal Articles and Editorials as submissions for publication within the said Blog. All pertinent details with respect to themes of submission, submission guidelines and editorial policy are enclosed within this document.


Legis Sententia invites submissions from eight distinct verticals of contemporary jurisprudence, namely:

  1. Public Law;
  2. Commercial Law;
  3. Intellectual Property Rights;
  4. Criminal Law;
  5. Labour Law;
  6. Tort Law;
  7. International Law and Diplomacy; and
  8. National Security Law.


  1. Legis Sententia is an online student-run undergraduate law blog operated by the
    Journal and Seminar Committee of the Department of Law, University of Calcutta.
  2. The said blog shall have a designated Editorial Board (hereinafter referred to as EB),
    the details of which, have been enumerated in Clause C.
  3. The said blog shall be published on Medium, an online blog publication website. All
    incorporations and modifications, relating to the blog shall be made by the designated
    members of the Editorial Board only.
  4. The Editorial Board of Legis Sententia shall be vested with the binding and final authority to accept, reject or accept any submission with reasonable revisions. In cases of incorporation of revisions, requisite directions shall be issued to the author concerned by way of email notification(s).
  5. The EB shall be accepting submissions from students of all Bar Council affiliated legal
    institutions without any bias or preference.
  6. All blog submissions shall be accepted on a rolling basis, by issuance of official public
    notification(s) inviting the said.
  7. Co-authorship shall be allowed up to a maximum of two authors in respect of any
    submission made to Legis Sententia.
  8. The selection of articles for prospective incorporation within the blog, shall rest on the
    discretion of the EB. Such discretion shall be exercised solely on the basis of quality
    of the material submitted. The parameters regulating such a discretionary prerogative
    of the EB have been substantiated under Clause D.
  9. The following categories of academic submissions shall be considered for publication:
    a. Legal Articles: Legal Articles shall provide a comprehensive analysis on the subjects dealt by Legis Sententia as provided under Clause A. Traditional focus should be placed on horough analysis of legal provisions, judicial decisions and other relevant legal developments. There shall however be no bar upon the author to devise any unconventional approach, subject to the parameters mentioned under Clause D. The word limit of legal articles shall be no more than 3000 words, exclusive of footnotes. b. Editorials: An Editorial shall not only focus on the analysis of legal provisions and case laws but also serve as an instrument of expressing the author’s own opinion. In essence, an Editorial is a precise and practically opinionated analysis of all legal developments pertaining to any of the subjects provided under Clause A. The word limit of every editorial should not be more than 1500 words, exclusive of citations.
  10. Additional submission specifications:
    a. Font: Times New Roman;
    b. Body Font Size: 12;
    c. Citation Font Size: 10;
    d. File Format: Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx);
    e. Body Line Spacing: 1.5
    f. Citation Line Spacing: 1.0;
    g. Page Margin Spacing: 1” (Top, Bottom, Left & Right); and
    h. Citation Format: 20th Edition Harvard Bluebook.
  11. All submissions shall be directed to [email protected] (the official email handle of
    the Journal and Seminar Committee) bearing the subject – “Submission for Legis
    Sententia”. The submission mail shall also include the vertical/theme of the
    submission as well as the category of the submission made (Legal Article/Editorial).
  12. Even though exceeding the stipulated word limitations is discouraged, minimal
    transgressions may be overlooked, depending on the quality of the submission made.
  13. The Editorial Board of the Journal and Seminar Committee of the Department of Law, University of Calcutta shall reserve all copyright of articles accepted for publication in the blog mentioned herein.
  14. The Editorial Board shall strive to intimate the acceptance, rejection or prospective
    acceptance with directed revisions to the author concerned, in not more than 8
    working days from the date of acknowledgement of reception of the submission mail.
  15. Expedited Review – The Editorial Board shall entertain requests for expedited
    review only if the said Board is satisfied that a normal review period of 8 working days
    would be detrimental to the submission’s contemporary relevance. Upon acceptance
    of the request for expedited review, the Editorial Board shall intimate acceptance,
    rejection or prospective acceptance of the submission with directed revisions to the
    concerned author within a period of 4 working days.
  16. Any submission made for the purpose of publication within the Departmental blog
    mentioned herein, shall be considered to have been affirmed by the concerned author
    as an original work and that the same has not been copied or plagiarised either wholly
    or in part.
  17. As a general guidance policy for acceptance and incorporation of quality submissions,
    the Editorial Board will not, as a matter of evaluative policy, entertain articles which
    have been plagiarised or copied wholly or in part.
  18. If the Editorial Board finds any submission made for the purpose of publication within
    the Departmental blog mentioned herein, is pending for review/publication in some
    other institution or that if the concerned author has resubmitted his work anywhere
    else before the intimation of the review result from the EB, such work shall be
    subjected to immediate rejection.
  19. In submitting an article or editorial in accordance with the foregoing procedure,
    authors are also required to attach brief biographical information about themselves
    within the submission mail. Eg. ‘X is a 5th year B.A. LL.B (Hons.) student at ABC Law


The Editorial Board of Legis Sententia is tasked with the responsibility of regulating the quality of
the blog and for evaluating the submissions made for the purposes of publication within the said.
The following office-bearers of the Journal and Seminar Committee shall constitute the Editorial Board:
Senior Editors:

  1. Atreya Chakraborty (Year IV)
  2. Shubhayan Chakraborty (Year IV)
  3. Anogh Chakraborty (Year IV)

Junior Editors:

  1. Ahana Bag (Year IV)
  2. Zeeshanuz Zaman (Year IV)
  3. Dhiman Banerjee (Year IV)
  4. Sanjukta Majumdar (Year III)
  5. Shibam Banerjee (Year III)
  6. Uttirna Ghosh (Year III)
  7. Padmarag Banerjee (Year II)
[Further changes/updates on Editorial Board can be seen at the ‘about’ section of the blog]


Any submission made for the purposes of publication within the blog must conform to established standards of academic writing, preferably including but not limited to a definitive research methodology, systematic analysis of issue(s) and a discernable objective-oriented approach.

In addition to the aforementioned recommendations, the following parameters shall guide the Editorial Board’s evaluation of submissions for publication within the blog:

  1. Originality of content;
  2. Relevance to contemporary jurisprudential discourse;
  3. Unique epistemological presentation;
  4. Distinctive analysis of pre-existing issues of law;
  5. Adherence to foregoing guidelines;


  1. Every article/case comment/note submitted for consideration of publication at Legis
    Sententia shall be transmitted to two Junior Editors for review.
  2. If both the Junior Editors approve a submission for publication, the said submission
    shall be deemed to be fit for publication. In every such case, any one of the Senior
    Editor shall reserve the right to assign the article either to himself or to a Junior Editor
    for further review and scrutiny.
  3. If only one of the two Junior Editors approves the submission for publication, then the
    said article shall be transmitted to any one of the Senior Editors. The decision arrived
    at, by way of majority, shall be deemed to be final.
  4. If both Junior Editors do not approve the submission for publication, then the same
    would get automatically rejected.
  5. Any one or both of the Junior Editors may approve a submission for publication,
    conditionally. In every such case of conditional acceptance, one of the Senior Editors
    shall review the suggested conditions/recommendations and only upon satisfaction of
    the efficacy of the same, shall revert the article to the concerned author for
    incorporation of the suggested recommendations and/or fulfilment of the stipulated

THE BLOG IS ACCESSIBLE AT – https://medium.com/legis-sententia

Disclaimer: Any academic content published in the blog mentioned herein will be for informational purposes only and shall not be reflective of the views of the Department of Law, University of Calcutta or any other institution, but only the views of the author concerned.

All submission queries shall be directed at the Editorial Board, addressed to the aforementioned email handle of the Journal and Seminar Committee bearing the title—“Query Re:/Regarding Blog Submissions”

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