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About the Law Firm:

Shepherd Law and Associates is a full service law firm with an extensive range of services in Litigation, Advisory, International Law, Gender Incongruence and many others.
Their objective is to be a respectable law firm providing proficient, skilled and competent services, to perform with fair-mindedness, honesty and persistence, to be socially responsible and to provide aid in socio-legal complexities and do good for the society.


4th and 5th year students for our litigation team, corporate team and content writing. Interested students are requested to keep the subject as “Application for internship for the month of March 2023 in content writing/litigation/corporate team”

Selected candidates will be reached out by the concerned members of the team via email. Applicants are assured that every application will be reviewed and they are requested to not follow up on their applications.

Things to consider:

1. Candidates are requested to be careful about the subject line.

2. Candidates are requested to attach their C.V. along with a draft of their writing sample (petitions/notices/research papers/project, etc.) for us to assess their drafting skills.

3. We are looking for candidates with English language proficiency and fluency.

4. Those interested to apply through LinkedIn can type interested after following us, however, if they are not following us on LinkedIn, communication through messages will be difficult due to message restrictions.

5. Candidates are requested to not reach out to the members of the team for clarifications or query through LinkedIn messages, whatsapp, calls, etc . Kindly restrict your queries through the email provided in this post only.


New Delhi

How to Apply?

All candidates are requested to send their applications and queries at [email protected]


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