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International Institute of Crime & Security Sciences (IICSS) is a Not-for-Profit Academic Institution & Independent Think Tank headquartered at Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. IICSS is founded by Professor K. Jaishankar. IICSS is an Autonomous Unit of the Lombroso Education and Services (OPC) Pvt Ltd and Appa Education and Research Foundation (AERF) is the Sponsoring Body of the IICSS, with a vision to be an Institution of Academic Excellence with total commitment to Quality Education, Research, Training, Consultancy and Outreach in Crime and Security Sciences with a holistic concern for better life, environment and society.


  • Candidate should have a Passion for Criminology, Victimology, Basic Writing, Reading and Speaking Skills in English, and Knowledge of Fundamental Operations of MS Office.
  • Undergraduate / Post Graduate / PhD / Post Doctoral / Junior Academic and other Interested Candidates from ANY DISCIPLINE are eligible for this Program.
  • This is an INTERNATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM and anyone from any part of the World are Eligible.

Duration and Dates

  • Minimum 15 Days / 3 Months (Hybrid).
  • Applications are accepted round the year.
  • First Come First Serve Basis (Limited Seats)
  • The Internship Program will be customized as the Interns timing request and less than 15 Days Internship will be accepted in case by case based on the requirements of the Intern.
  • The number of hours per day for the Internship Program will be determined later based on the interaction with the candidate.
  • Incase an International Candidate can only do Online Internship and request for it we will accept the application with a small Fees.

About the internship

In this Internship Program, the following training and guidance will be given.

  • Training on the Fundamentals of Criminology, Victimology and Criminal Justice Studies.
  • Conference presentation ideas/collaborative writing on intersection between Criminology, Victimology, Criminal Justice Studies, Law, Psychology, Sociology and allied disciplines.
  • Training on Research paper Writing and Publishing.
  • Internship Program Completion Certificate and a Grading letter.

Stipend and Accomodation

  • This is an Unpaid Position and a Rs.1999 / 49 Dollars (for International Candidates) Fees for Incidental Charges is required by the Intern to pay.
  • Cheap shared Accommodation (Rs. 500 per Day / 3000 for 15 Days and 5000 for One Month) and Food on payment will provided to the Intern at the Institute at Bengaluru, Karnataka during the Internship.
  • The Intern need to pay the Incidental Charges before the start of the Internship Program.
  • Details of the payment will be sent to the candidate after the selection.


Course Completion Certificate and Grading Letter will be sent to the Intern after the completion of the Internship Program,

Application Procedure

Please email [email protected] / [email protected] or call us / message us at their Mobile / Whatsapp +91 8317448265 / 8618154801 to apply for the Internship program. And If you have any queries on the Internship program, please do not hesitate to contact them.


PPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED ROUND THE YEAR. Limited Seats, First come First Serve basis.


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  1. I am interested in an internship and collaborative work. I’m an assistant professor from Parul University. Actively working in the field of Forensics and Cybersecurity.


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