Internship Opportunity at Center for Child Rights (CCR), NUSRL, Ranchi (Physical & Virtual Mode)

About NUSRL, Ranchi

NUSRL, Ranchi was established with the vision nurtured that law, legal system and legal institutions have an overarching role for human, social, political and economic development of the nation. Law is one of those social and fundamental processes having the maximum filtering capacity of societal processes for healthier growth of democracy and constitutional rule. India in the 21st century and beyond having a rich heritage of legal culture, thoughts and traditions needs to tread the path where the law has to act as catalyst in achieving the goals enshrined in the Constitution and law being an instrument in achieving these goals needs a new perspective for its understanding, dissemination and structural innovations.

With due consideration to all the above pertinent facts, NUSRL spread its opinions in diverse horizons to develop a holistic perspective of legal education in all its ramifications particularly advocacy, judicial and legal institutional services, legislation, law reforms and research. It has opened new avenues as centers for learning and fostering harmonised discipline. Center for Child Rights (CCR) under the wings of NUSRL is one such opportunity where the rights and entitlements pertaining to children are discussed and it provides a platform to those who want to pursue their career in the field of Child Rights and allied issues. CCR is committed and has taken the initiative to create consciousness among the general public and render support to the State’s initiative in the implementation of the aim and aspiration as specified in the national and international legal instruments with special focus on children, with provisions as outlined in the Indian Constitution. In order to establish CCR as Center of Excellence, UNICEF too has generously funded and rendered immense support so that CCR is set and established as a learning as well as excellence centre where rights and prerogatives related to children are discussed and children too find it easily and at front during their crisis hours. CCR has undertaken many activities where it has successfully conducted seminars, trainings and workshops for different functionaries related to law and allied fields referring to the rights and protection domain of children. The faculty members, especially the Chairperson at CCR works relentlessly with her unlimited zeal and vast experience in the field to cater to the needs of the desired audience. The student members at the Center have helped and facilitated many local organisations for preparation of ready reckoners for police officers and modules on laws related to children besides acting as rapporteurs for State Level Meetings and Consultations. The team of Technical Consultants too aim at executing the plans as per the desired goals and setting the stage to create this Center as Center of Excellence.

Internship Guidelines

With this initiative and zeal in mind, this time too, CCR proudly announces its call for one month of internship for those interested and wish to contribute to study, research and practical learning within the ambit of Child Rights and Child Protection. This internship is available in both physical and remote formats, and the selected students are expected to participate in the programme through the office of Centre for Child Rights NUSRL Ranchi. The duration of the internship is from 1st July to 31st July 2024. 

Important Details

  • Duration of Internship: 1st July to 31st July 2024
  • Format: Available in both physical and remote formats
  • Application Process: Apply through the GOOGLE FORM attached
  • Deadline to Apply: 25th June 2024
  • Tool to Check Plagiarism: Turnitin (Reports will be provided by the organization for correction)
  • Extension Policy: Interns will be required to strictly adhere to the given schedule, and no extension will be provided except in extraordinary circumstances, subject to approval by the organizing team.

Tentative Tasks to be Performed

  • Conduct in-depth analysis and research on various aspects of child protection, including child marriage, status of POCSO cases, and crime against children, with a focus on Jharkhand State.
  • Prepare & present case studies on significant instances from the field of Child Protection and Child Rights in India, particularly in their state, highlighting challenges in interpretation and enforcement.
  • Identify five areas of focus within the larger scheme of child protection, and draft write-ups of atleast 2500 words each on the selected focus areas, in the form of case studies, with proposed resolution plans. 
  • Create content based educational compendium, including photos, newspaper clippings, and creative writing, to enhance understanding of the issue.
  • For physical attendees: Conduct fieldwork to collect relevant data, perform situational analysis through personal interviews, and conduct FGDs with key child protection stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with faculty and experts to ensure the case studies, presentations, and compendiums created aligns with the objectives of the internship and addresses current challenges in interpretation and enforcement, contributing to the knowledge development in this domain.

Selection Criteria

  • Evaluation based on CV
  • Past publications
  • Work experience in research
  • Answers to the questionnaire in the Google form

Certification Criteria

  • The internship would run for a period of 30 days (01 Month).
  • Only after the final report submission at the end of the stipulated time period will the internship certificate be provided.
  • Any intern would be deemed to have completed the internship when she/ he acquires ‘15 unit points’ within the set time frame.
  • Unit points shall be assigned on the quality and not just the quantity and the word count of the article submitted.
  • Submitting plagiarised articles (Plagiarism above the standard norm of 20%) is strictly discouraged and a warning shall be issued to the intern immediately. Repeated plagiarism will lead to termination of the internship.

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