Inaugration Lecture by Justice Radhakrishnan: Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law in Collaboration with Animal Law Centre, NALSAR: Register Now!


About the Event

We are delighted to announce a pioneering event in the field of animal rights law, organized by the Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law in collaboration with the Animal Law Centre, NALSAR University of Law. This event will feature an inaugural lecture by Honorable Justice Radhakrishnan, author of the 2014 judgement of Jallikattu.

The inaugural lecture promises to be a path-breaking initiative that aims to foster a deeper understanding and awareness of animal rights law. This event is not just another academic gathering; it represents a crucial step forward in the ongoing effort to ensure the humane treatment and welfare of animals. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to learn from leading experts, engage in thoughtful discussions, and gain valuable insights that could shape the future of animal welfare jurisprudence in India.

This Interactive session will allow participants to ask questions and share their perspectives, creating a dynamic and enriching learning environment.

We believe this workshop will be immensely beneficial for law students, legal professionals, policymakers, activists, and anyone interested in the intersection of law and animal rights. The knowledge and insights gained from this event can empower participants to advocate more effectively for animal welfare and contribute to meaningful legal reforms.

About the Dignitory

Justice Radhakrishnan is a highly respected figure in the legal fraternity, known for his profound contributions to the advancement of animal rights and environmental law in India. His insightful judgments and deep understanding of the legal landscape have significantly influenced the direction of these fields. Justice Radhakrishnan has been the torchbearer of justice and his contribution in upholding the rights of animals and promoting environmental sustainability inspires the future generation of lawyers.

Event Details

  • Inaugural lecture by Justice Radhakrishnan
  • Date: 1st July 2023, 9:30-10:30 am
  • Mode: Virtual (Online)
  • Cost: Free of Charge
  • Register now!

Registration Process

To register for the workshop, please visit Registration Link or contact us directly for further details. We are excited about the potential impact of this event and look forward to a successful and enlightening workshop.


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