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About the Organisation

All India Commercial Law Review (AICLR) aims to promote discussion in the field of commercial law and dispute resolution. AICLR is a peer reviewed and research-oriented publication of Journal articles and blog posts run by law students from across the nation. In an era where commercial law practice is on an exponential rise, we at AICLR endeavour to provide law students across the nation a platform solely dedicated to the field of commercial law and dispute resolution revolving around the premise that knowledge increases with sharing.


Commercial law and arbitration laws are full of complexities and nuances which can be accredited to a plethora of reasons starting from use of technical language, its interdisciplinary nature to constant evolution of the law and globalization. These technicalities ensure precision in expression of legal terms and concepts which are pivotal to the functioning of commercial transactions. Law is a very precise endeavour and hence precision is imperative when it comes to rules that dictate or govern us. This is because the same eliminates any form of ambiguity and accurately defines the ambit of the transaction and leaves no room for assumptions as to particular aspects of the transaction. However, for young commercial law and arbitration law enthusiasts it becomes difficult to comprehend and navigate through these complexities of commercial law. That’s where we enter the scenario and bridge the gap between understanding the complexities of commercial law and young commercial law enthusiasts. We at All India Commercial Law Review aim to promote dissemination of knowledge revolving around commercial law and arbitration law in a simple manner and also aim to promote research and discussions pertaining to various branches of the same.

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