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Adhyayan Foundation for Policy & Research is an independent think tank dedicated to producing quality research to help in the formulation, assessment, and implementation of public policies. It strives towards bridging the gap in policymaking for the wholesome growth and development of our country. We aim at guiding discourse to make better laws and improve governance for the public good. We are committed to producing legal and international relations research of the highest standard to inform public debate and contribute to improved governance.

About the course

Dive into the world of arbitration with AFPR’s dynamic Certificate Course. Unlock the intricacies of dispute resolution, explore legal frameworks, and gain practical insights from industry leaders. Whether you’re a legal professional or a newcomer, join us to elevate your expertise and embark on a transformative journey in arbitration. Enroll today and chart your path towards becoming a proficient arbitration professional.

Course Details

ModulesLectureLecture DurationDays and WeekDates
 Slot 1:
10:00 AM-
11:00 AM
Slot 2:
11:30 AM-12:30 PM
 Introduction Launch of Certificate Course10:00AM- 11:00AMWeekend 1 -Day 123rd March
Module 1  Introduction of Arbitration and Out of Court Settlement Mechanisms in India11:00AM-12:00AMWeekend 1 – Day 123rd March
Module 2   Arbitral Agreement and Invocation of Arbitration (Sec. 7 & 11)12:30AM-01:30PMWeekend 1 – Day 123rd March
Module 3Appointment of Arbitrator10:00AM-11:00AMWeekend 1 -Day 224th March
Module 4Stages of Arbitration till passing of final award11:30AM-12:30PMWeekend 1 – Day 224th March
Module 5Grounds of Challenging the award and the scope of intervention by the courts10:00AM-11:00AMWeekend 2 -Day 330th March
Module 6IBC and growing scope of Out of Court Settlement Mechanisms11:30AM-12:30PMWeekend 2 -Day 330th March
Module 7Institutional Arbitration and Ad-Hoc Arbitrations10:00AM-11:00AMWeekend 2 –
Day 4
31st March
Module 8Non-Stamping of Arbitration Agreements and its implications11:30AM-12:30PMWeekend 2 -Day 431st March
Module 9Enforcement of awards and roadblocks in realisation of awarded sum10:00AM-11:00AMWeekend 3 -Day 56th April
Module 10Group of Companies Doctrine11:30AM-12:30PMWeekend 3 -Day 56th April
Module 11Need for Changes and Reforms in Arbitration and Out of Court Settlement Mechanisms in India10:00AM-11:00AMWeekend 3 -Day 67th
Module 12Career in Arbitration in India 11:30AM-12:30PMWeekend 3 -Day 67th
Module 13International Arbitration (and other out of Court Settlement Mechanisms) and International Treaties1:00PM – 2:00PMWeekend 4 – Day 714th
Module 14UNICITRAL Model of International Arbitration: International Arbitration in Action11:30AM-12:30PMWeekend 4 –
Day 7
Module 15International Arbitration Institutions10:00AM-11:00AMWeekend 4 –
Day 8
Module 16India and UNICITRAL11:30AM-12:30PMWeekend 4 – Day 815th
ConclusionConclusion and Summary of Key Findings12:30PM – 01:00PMWeekend 4 – Day 815th


  • Students and Researchers
  • Legal Enthusiasts
  • Anyone interested in arbitration and legalities of India’s judiciary

Course Duration

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Start Date: 23rd March, 2024
  • End Date: 15th April, 2024


Join us for an enlightening journey with our distinguished guest speakers, each an authority in their field:

  • Sr. Adv. Siddharth Luthra (Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India)
  • Mr. Vinay Navare (Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India)
  • Mr. Sandeep Mahapatra (Central Govt. Standing Counsel, New Delhi)
  • Sr. Adv. Anoop Trivedi (Senior Advocate, Allahabad High Court)
  • Mr. Rajendra Beniwal (Founding Partner, Karma Law, New Delhi)
  • Mr. Namit Saxena (AoR, Supreme Court of India)
  • Mr. Alexis Martinez (Partner, Watson Farley & Williams)
  • Mr. Siddharth Shankar Dubey (State Law Officer, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh)
  • Mr. Abhinav Gaur (Advocate, Allahabad High Court)
  • Mr. Ashish Kumar Bhardwaj (Law Officer, Indian Oil Corporation)
  • Mr. Sarthak Raizada (Advocate, Supreme Court of India)
  • Mr. Vikram Shah (Principal Associate, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas)

These luminaries will be sharing invaluable insights throughout our certificate course. Stay tuned for their thought-provoking sessions!


  • Engaging discussions and real-world case studies
  • Access to a network of legal and research professionals
  • Certificate awarded upon successful completion
  • Top performers will have the exclusive opportunity to secure an internship at our organization

Course Fees

Rs 500/-

How to Apply

Limited seats available! Secure your spot in the Certificate Course in Arbitration.

To Apply, fill out the google form – https://forms.gle/2x4VU7CP4QkoUkU26

Note: Last Date to Apply – 20th March, 2024.

Contact Details

For inquiries or further information, please contact us at [email protected]. or call: +91 8400786111

Address: Sec.5, Vrindavan Yojna-1, Lucknow- (U.P.) 226029.

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