Second Edition of International Asian Parliamentary Debate | Litigium presents La-Liberta “The Ultimate Cold Opens”


About Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal

Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal is a private university established under Section 2(f) of the UGC Act 1956 and is based out of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. JLU Bhopal is one of the fastest-growing and one of the most awarded universities of Central India having practice-based pedagogy at its core. Currently, the university is offering a 56-degree program to more than 2500 students from 8 countries and 27 states of India. The university has numerous partnerships with top industries and international educational institutes, ensuring the students get great exposure both nationally and internationally.

About JLU Faculty of Law

The JLU Faculty of Law fosters comprehensive legal education to a diverse and talented body of students. The students are exposed to new ideas, international
perspectives, and innovative teaching in an encouraging and open academic
environment. With a high-quality education bolstered by unique work experiences, our graduating students are well equipped with the skills they need to succeed in a diverse set of fields, in India and abroad.
We are engaged in achieving the prime goal of producing competent legal professionals with the requisite knowledge, skills, and a character with a commitment towards justice, human values, and social welfare. We are purely committed to meet the requirements of legal education through exploring bright talents, exposing them to the vistas of legal knowledge, and equipping them to successfully handle contemporary challenges.

About Litigium

The Litigium Debating Society is a student-governed debating body that manages all literary and debating activities in JLU-Faculty of Law, Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal. Litigium aims to initiate,  spark, and facilitate debate within the student body and to create a proactive debating atmosphere in the JLU-Faculty of Law, and be home to world-class debaters. Litigium was established in the year  2014 with the idea to enhance the debating skill-set of students that prepares them for the challenges in a law school.  

Litigium provides a plethora of opportunities within and outside JLU-School of Law. The exponentially competitive field of law requires lawyers of today’s generation to develop a presence of mind and quick wit for day-to-day professional requirements within and outside conventional litigation. Litigium tries to inculcate a certain amount of skill-set among students about to enter the dynamic world of law by regularly bringing forward competitions and discussion forums with experts of the field.  With our eyes immovably set on the future, the Litigium Debating Society is set to maintain a debating culture that is unmatched and impeccable.  

About the Competition

LA-LIBERTA is a 3v3 Asian Parliamentary Debate Competition inviting Participants from across the world. The aim of this Competition is to foster the debating culture in the Educational Institutes participating. This competition is a golden opportunity for all the debaters who wish to improve their  Debating Skills and develop their overall personality.  The Debate would consist of 5 Preliminary Rounds followed by the Knockout Rounds. The Competition would be conducted on an online platform, details of which would be provided post-registration. The dates of the competition are 27-29 November ’21.

Registration Details

✓ The Competition is open to the students enrolled in U.G. & P.G. Courses.

✓ Institutional and Cross-Institutional teams can be registered. 

✓ There is a cap of overall 40 teams with not more than 10 cross-institutional teams. ✓ Teams are required to follow the n+ 1 rule. 

Participants are requested to register by filling the google form before the deadline 

✓ The Registration Fee (non-refundable) is as follows: 

✓ For Speakers – Rs. 300/- each 

✓ For Adjudicators – Rs. 300/- each 

✓ LAST DATE OF REGISTRATION: 22nd November 2021 

Link for Registration Form

• Team Registration:

• Cross Team Registration:

• Independent Adjudicator Registration: 

Payment Details

UPI ID: shobhit.17mishra@okaxis  qaWAfP4nNDWP66 I1OPoIt3bnXaKYpX fzLkOAGGtx6DqfP nBHpHtaOparxnx1oin6LOxevca9yjUv6r 8sA 9S1YmnbLcVFUHKnsMlC K6ljaIf50b4z5cEZ1r0PT Mjmme2 I

UPI No.: 8718854030 _ nrweb 

Contact Details

For any queries, feel free to contact us at  [email protected] 


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