National Client Counselling | Negotiation Competition, 2022 | Samyat: Ramaiah College of Law

The ADR society of Ramaiah College of Law is delighted to announce that we are conducting the First edition of “Samyat National Client Counselling – Negotiation competition, 2022” from 6th-8th August 2022.

About Ramaiah College of Law

Ramaiah College of Law (RCL) was established in the year 1995 in an endeavor to provide a quality legal education that will help create a community of morally, ethically, and socially responsible citizens. With the aim of fostering holistic professional development, the college has successfully contributed competent and value-based professionals in the arena of law.

About the Society

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) society of Ramaiah College of Law was established in 2016 and has been focused on creating general awareness of the content, context, meaning, and utility of Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms. The society has played an instrumental role in conducting regular Alternative Dispute Resolution training sessions with a robust combination of theoretical and practical facets. In addition, the ADR Society bolsters the regular participation and excellence of the students in ADR competitions and is actively involved in organizing guest lectures on the various nuances of ADR.

Samyat: National Client Counselling – Negotiation Competition, 2022

Samyat means to meet together; encounter; agreement; a means of joining or uniting. Samyat 2022 being a pioneer in this format of competition also signifies continuity. Its uniqueness lies in the progression from interviewing a client, to negotiating on their behalf, all in one round. The idea is to enable participants to comprehensively showcase their prowess in dispute resolution. The format offers a unique approach to various ADR mechanisms, giving teams an opportunity to showcase their talents in both, the client counselling and negotiation aspect of the competition.

Mode of Conduct

The First Edition of Samyat: National Client Counselling- Negotiation competition, 2022 organized by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Society of Ramaiah College of Law, Bangalore will be held online via ‘Zoom’ platform from 6th August (Saturday) – 8th August (Monday).


Each round consists of two stages:
Stage 1: Client Counselling
Stage 2: Negotiation

  • Each team consisting of two participants assumes the role of counsels in stage 1. The clients are appointed by the host college.
  • Client Counselling and Negotiation are the part of the same round, hence the problem remains the same.
  • The problem remains the same for stage 1 and stage 2. At the end of stage 1, Confidential Information will be provided which is to be used in the negotiation stage.
  • Time duration of 15 minutes will be given to the teams to peruse through the Confidential Information before the commencement of stage 2.

Prize pool:

  • Winners: Rs. 20,000.
  • Runners-up: Rs. 12,500.
  • Best Negotiating Team (Prelims): Rs. 3,500.
  • Best Client Counselling team (Prelims): Rs. 3500.

Important dates:

12.07.22Registrations open
31.07.22Registrations close
20.07.22Release of problems and scoring criteria
30.07.22Last date for clarifications
01.08.22Release of clarifications

Registration form:

Contact details:

For registration queries:
Nihal M – +91 8073895875
Vybhavashree S- +91 8050490857

For any further enquiries:
Sudarshan B K (Convenor) – +91 8746903362
Vaishnavi Naik (Co-Convenor) – +91 7975585063

Faculty Coordinators:
Dr. Rajashree K. & Ms. Ayesha Rao

Email: [email protected]


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