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In accordance with the revised Scheme for the Centre for Research and Planning, Supreme Court of India (“CRP”) dated 6 August 2021, the CRP may hire up to 10 (ten) interns on a rolling basis throughout the year. This scheme lays out the eligibility criteria, application procedure, and conditions of engagement of interns at the CRP.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. All applicants must be enrolled in a law degree program recognised by the Bar Council of India.
  2. All applicants must be either in the 4th or 5th year of a five-year law program or in the 3rd year of a three-year law program on the dates they seek to intern at the CRP.
  3. Candidates must be below the age of 28.

Application Process

  1. All applicants must fill out the online application form available at the following link:
    1. The application form will require applicants to submit:
      1. a copy of their curriculum vitae (not more than 2 pages);a statement of purpose (350-500 words) explaining why the applicant wishes to intern at the CRP and how this internship fits into their career goals; anda writing sample (1,500-3,000 words). The writing sample may be an extract of a longer written piece. The writing sample does not have to be from a published article but should showcase the applicant’s writing proficiency and ability to analyse a legal issue.
    1. The CRP may, if it deems it appropriate in any given case, conduct a telephonic interview of an applicant.

Conditions of engagement

  1. The minimum duration of an internship shall be 4 (four) weeks.
  2. All interns will be required to be physically present and work out of the offices of the CRP at the Supreme Court in New Delhi for the duration of their internship.
  3. The office hours of the CRP are 10:00 am to 5:30 pm (Mon-Fri) and 10:00 am to 1:00 pm (on Saturdays).
  • All interns are expected to maintain the highest standard of confidentiality, integrity, and professionalism throughout the duration of their internship.
    • No intern shall accept or participate in any other assignment, whether part-time or full time, for any other lawyer or organisation during the course of their internship.
    • No intern shall disclose/publish any information, document, or any other thing which comes to their knowledge on account of their work at the CRP during or even after the completion of their internship unless such disclosure is required by law.
    • The Supreme Court does not offer any remuneration to interns.
    • All interns will be under the supervision and administrative authority of the Director, Centre for Research and Planning, Supreme Court of India.

Any    queries    regarding    the    internship    program          should     be               addressed            to: [email protected]


New Delhi


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  1. I am doing ba in law and politics from Dr Br Ambedkar university karampura . I want to know that i am eligible for this intership or not


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