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Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri Law College has a vision to expand the horizons of legal knowledge for full growth of human personality and well being of mankind. They endeavour to produce legal professionals through holistic education and development of proper skill, knowledge and professional values.

Submission Procedure
  • Authors will submit their respective articles by dropping an email at [email protected]
  • Entries will be accepted from 17.09.2021 to 20.09.2021 midnight.
  • Any entry submitted after the above mentioned deadline, i.e., 20.09.2021 will be ignored.
Submission Guidelines

a. It should be in MS Word format.
b. The manuscript shall be original and unpublished.
c. The submission shall be grammatically correct, non-plagiarized, and free from any spelling mistakes.
d. The full names of the author must be mentioned in the manuscript.
e. There shall be a uniform method for citation in the manuscript, if there are any, mention the link on the manuscript.
f. The body of the manuscript shall be in
Font: Times New Roman,
Font size: 12,
Line spacing: 1.5.
Footnotes (if there are any) should be in Times New Roman and size 10, with single line spacing.
g. There shall be no Borders.
h. Plagiarism should not be more than 15%.
i. Word Limit: 1500 – 2000 words

The topics for “Articulus Scripto: Part II”, Inter- College Legal Article Writing Competition, is categorized and mentioned below:

Topics for 1st Year:

  1. The facelift of e-contracts the time of covid-19 pandemic
  2. Relevance of customs under modern Hindu Law
  3. Rights of women in live in relationship in India

Topics for 2nd Year:

  1. Law of public nuisance for environment protection in India: equality through judicial interpretation
  2. Changing land utilization patterns in tea plantation sector in West Bengal
  3. Role of police in criminal justice system: Indian perspective

Topics for 3rd Year:

  1. Administrative law rules and principles in decision making of the World health organization during the
    covid-19 pandemic
  2. The evolution of the right to property in India: from a low and development perspective
  3. Freedom of press in India: a fundamental right?

Topics for 4th Year:

  1. Post-modernism, feminist jurisprudence and legal pluralism: a contingent account in India
  2. Insolvency and bankruptcy code – a boon to banking system.
  3. India and peaceful change: from the perspective of international law

Topics for 5th Year:

  1. Mergers and acquisition in the Ambit of Indian companies act 2013
  2. Corporate governance in India: evolution, concerns and the subsequent challenges
  3. Indian perspective of development of criminal law

Topics for LLM:

  1. Judicial reforms for the appointment of judges in India
  2. Status of a child born within a live in relationship
  3. Modernization of legal education in India
  4. The exigency for an insurance frauds contract act in India
  5. The impact of patent, trademark and industrial design application in Indian economy
  6. The dilemma of copyright law and artificial intelligence in India.

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