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The Young MCIA has been founded to harness ideas and create networks among young professionals for promoting the use of and supporting innovation in arbitration. The Young MCIA is an organ of the MCIA. It aspires to involve young professionals and students from India and around the world in building a robust network of individuals with an interest in international arbitration; maintain an online platform for networking, experience sharing, and knowledge building in the field of international arbitration; organize skill-based training programs, seminars, workshops, and social events to enable the young arbitration community to exchange views, take guidance from senior arbitration practitioners, and ascertain the needs of end-users; educate young practitioners on best practices in institutional arbitrations, provide insights into the working of an arbitral institution and demonstrate the operation of the MCIA Rules; encourage members to write articles and blogs on issues of importance in the field of international arbitration; provide frequent and regular updates on the latest developments in the field of international arbitration; and promote the use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, in particular, institutional arbitration.


We encourage participants to be a member of YMCIA before registering for the
Essay Competition. Competition is open to any person who, as of the deadline for
the submission, is:
a. A law student;
b. A law practitioner with up to 2 years of PQE.


Use of technology in arbitration – what will the future of arbitration look like? Essays could discuss issues such as:
a. Recent updates to arbitral rules in relation to technology, the role of the Tribunal in relation to technology, and what if the parties disagree about its use.
b. Virtual hearings – interlocutory and final hearings – benefits/downsides.
c. Use of digital platforms and use of technology / AI in documentary disclosure – benefits/downsides.

The emergence of emergency arbitration in international arbitration.
The essay could cover:
a. Use of emergency arbitration and institutional rules, including timelines.
b. The role and power of an emergency arbitrator; the conduct of the proceedings.
c. The enforcement of an emergency arbitration award.


The Essay must:
a. Be in English;
b. Be no more than 2000 words (including footnotes, references, etc.);
c. Be submitted in a Word document format;
d. Be in Times New Roman font, with the font size of at least 12 for text and at least 10 for footnotes; and
e. Be double spaced

The submission must be the original work of the participant and must have not been published in any form.

Only one entry per person is allowed. Joint entries are not permitted.

Each submission must contain the following information:
a. Name;
b. E-mail address;
c. Mobile telephone number;
d. Educational institution, organization, or employer of the participant;
e. A statement confirming the eligibility to participate in the competition.


All the entries should be submitted via e-mail to [email protected]
The deadline for submission is 11.59 pm, 15 October 2021 IST. The deadline may be extended at the discretion of YMCIA Steering Committee. No entry will be accepted after the deadline.


The entries will be reviewed and shortlisted by the YMCIA Steering Committee. The winners will be chosen by a panel of judges including members of MCIA Council and other distinguished practitioners.

All decisions of the YMCIA Steering Committee and judgement panel are final, and no appeal or other correspondence will be entertained.

Evaluation Guidelines

Competition entries will be judged on the following criteria:
a. Originality;
b. Critical analysis;
c. Clarity;
d. Review of existing case laws and academic literature available;
e. Quality of writing.


First place – USD 2,500; Second place – USD 1,500 and Third Place – USD 1,000

The authors of the top 3 essays will have a chance to intern at a Tier 1 law firm and the top 3 essays will be published in the YMCIA newsletter.


Submissions may be disqualified if they do not satisfy any of the requirements set out herein.


The participants agree to assign exclusive copyright in the submission to MCIA. MCIA shall be permitted to publish the submissions on MCIA website, its newsletter, Kluwer Arbitration Blog, or any other publication (after due acknowledgment to the author) MCIA or YMCIA also reserves their right to edit the submissions without permission from or further notice to the participants.

Kindly address all your queries on the above guidelines to [email protected]


All efforts are made to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information published at Legally Flawless. However, Legally Flawless shall not be responsible for any errors caused due to oversight or otherwise. The users are advised to check the information themselves.

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