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About Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Established in 2020, the Indian Commercial Law Review and Practice Blog present itself as a platform for generating awareness in the field of business and commercial laws with the objective of enabling effective discourse and facilitating further research.

Themes for the blog

While there are no rigid thematic constraints, the article should be related to trending legal issues – national or international. The expectation is that the submitted article will provide informed perspective, critical thinking and new insight to the readers.

Submission Guidelines

Authors permitted is two.

Formatting Rules

The manuscript submitted by the author(s) must adhere to the following font styles:

  1. The manuscript submitted must be typed in Times New Roman.
  2. The line spacing must be 1.5.
  3. The font size of the title – 14, *Headings – Size12 – Bold and underlined – Justified
  4. Body text – Size 12
  5. The text should be justified.
  6. Citation Style
  7. The author(s) are requested to provide the link to the sources which have been cited by them in the main body and are required to follow the OSCOLA citation method (4th edition).
  8. The citations should be in Numeric Form, Font Times New Roman, Size 10, and in single line spacing.
  9. Endnotes are not to be used.

Further Instructions

  1. Authors are requested to give an undertaking that the manuscripts submitted are original pieces of work and have not been plagiarized nor have been published or are in consideration for publishing in any other places.
  2. All submissions must be accompanied by a Covering Letter mentioning the submission category, the title of the manuscript, institutional affiliation, and contact details of the author(s) (Name, year of the study, name of institution, etc.).
  3. The body of the manuscript should not contain any personal details of the author(s), so as to enable anonymous screening and peer-review.
  4. The subject of the email should be in the following format: “ICLRAP Blog Submission – Article Name”.
  5. Kindly adhere to the aforementioned guidelines.
  6. Any alternate form of formatting is not necessary.
  7. Failure to follow the above-mentioned points may result in disqualification.

For further clarity one may reach out to  [email protected]


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