20th Dinesh Vyas Memorial Government Law College National Legal Essay Competition

About the Government Law College, Mumbai

With a heritage spanning over 150 years and a seemingly endless list of eminent alumni, Government Law College, Mumbai has been considered as a premier institute of legal education since its inception in 1855. Having humbly begun as evening classes in a borrowed premises, this college that first lit the candle of legal education in India stands tall amongst all its contemporaries.
Government Law College has a distinguished tradition. The College has, over the years, produced a number of eminent Judges, whose erudition and independence has been and continues to be, a great source of inspiration to the members of the Bar and the Bench. The list of alumni includes statesmen, distinguished lawyers, and activists who have been at the forefront of social reconstruction. The interaction of the students with the distinguished members of the legal fraternity in a cultivated institutional environment that is constantly attempting to redefine the parameters of education, adds to the charisma of this institution.


  1. In light of the recent decisions of International Arbitration Courts in the Vodafone and Cairn
    Energy cases, discuss India’s tryst with international arbitration and the retrospective
    tax policies of the Indian government.
  2. Comment upon the glorification and normalization of mob justice and vigilantism in current media and its impact on the perception, in and outside India, of the legal system established by law in India.
  3. With the Pandemic bringing India’s mental health crisis to the fore, discuss the existing laws related to Mental Health in India and the need for reform.
  4. Comment upon cyber snooping, with special reference to the Pegasus Spyware.
  5. The law of sedition: A boon or a bane?


1st Prize Rs.12,000/-

2nd Prize Rs.9,000/-

3rd Prize Rs. 7,000/-

The winning essay will be published in méLAWnge 2020-21, the Annual College Magazine of Government Law College, Mumbai. All publishing rights will remain with the organizing committee.
All authors submitting their entries shall receive a Letter of Appreciation for their participation.


  • The entries must be submitted on or before 20th November, 2021
  • No submissions made after that shall be accepted.


Students pursuing LL.B. (3 Years or 5 Years Courses)/ LL.M. courses from any recognized University or College can participate in the competition.

Submission Rules

  • The Essay must be written in English.
  • Each entry must be the original and previously unpublished work of the participant.
  • A copy of the entry should be e-mailed to [email protected] in both the PDF and Word formats.
  • Participants must submit a short bio-data in the body of the e-mail containing the following information:
  • Full name, year, college name, telephone number & postal address along with personal contact number, email-id & postal address.
  • In the body of the same email, participants are required to specify which topic they have chosen to write on.
  • Such specification must not be included in the entry itself.
  • Participants must submit a scanned copy of their College Student Identity Card or equivalent Fee Receipt.
  • Entries which do not contain the same, will not be accepted.
  • No Registration fee is to be paid by the participants.
  • Co-authorship is permitted within students from the same educational institution.

Presentation Rules

  • The essay should comprise of not less than 3500 words and not more than 5000 words. The word limit is inclusive of footnotes.
  • The entry should adhere to the following formatting requirements :Font type – Times New Roman, Font size – 12, Double-spacing, One inch margin on each side, with justified alignment of text.
  • The footnotes should adhere to the following formatting requirements: Font type – Times New Roman, Font size – 10, Single-spacing.
  • The citation must be strictly in accordance with the Harvard Blue Book Citation style, 20 Edition.
  • The identity of the student or the college, university, institution etc., should not be revealed in the text of the essay in any manner whatsoever.

Marking Criteria

The following are the criteria for marking and the marks allotted to each category:

1. Overall subjective evaluation- 10
2. Issues covered and ingenuity of ideas- 25
3. Flow and structure of essay- 25
4. Legal content and use of authorities, references etc.- 30
5. Language- 10
TOTAL- 100

Negative marks shall be allotted as per the following scheme:
Violation of word limit (per 150 words) -2 marks
Violation of each presentation rule -2 marks


  • All entries shall be deemed to be the property of ‘Vyas Memorial Government Law College National Legal Essay Competition’, which reserves the right of publication of the same in any periodical, journal, book, electronic resource or in any other manner as it may deem appropriate.
  • The organising committee’s decision as regards the interpretation of rules or any other matter related to the competition shall be final.
  • In the event that any situation arises, which is not contemplated in the rules, the organising committee’s decision on the same shall be final. The organising committee reserves the right to vary, alter, or repeal any of the above rules as they deem appropriate.
  • The decision of the judges shall be final and binding on all concerned.

For Any Further Details or Clarifications Contact:

Rebecca Koshy, Chief Student Editor: +91 9833922575

E-mail us at [email protected]

Visit us at www.glcmag.com

18th Vyas- GLC National Legal Essay Competition 2019-20


  1. Rakshna Natarajan and Anurathna Mathivanan, TNNLU, Trichy
  2. Rahul Ranjan and Samiksha Singh, NUSRL, Ranchi
  3. Disha Verma, SLS, Pune
    The preliminary rounds of the competition were judged by Ms. Amanda Rebello & Ms. Helina Desai. The final round of the competition was judged by Hon’ble Shri. Justice Mr. S. J. Kathawalla of the High Court of Bombay.

All efforts are made to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information published at Legally Flawless. However, Legally Flawless shall not be responsible for any errors caused due to oversight or otherwise. The students are advised to check an opportunity themselves before applying.

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