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Centre for ADR & Professional Skills is thrilled to announce that Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla is going to organise its Maiden National Mediation Competition, 2021 on 25th -26th September.


The Himachal Pradesh National Law University (HPNLU), Shimla was established by an Act of the Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha in the year 2016 (Act 16 of 2016). In the five years of its foundation, HPNLU, Shimla has seen tremendous growth and has undertaken a good number of innovative measures to enhance its academic potential. Led by the visionary scholar of law, the Vice-Chancellor Professor (Dr.) Nishtha Jaswal, the University has been very proactive in organizing a series of events encompassing a wide spectrum of socio-legal issues.


The Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution [ADR] and Professional Skills primarily aims to promote research in the field of dispute resolution mechanisms in India. The Centre aims to provide a platform for interaction between professionals in the field and the students. In pursuance of its goal of conditioning the law students to efficiently resolve disputes, the Centre is proposing this event intending to establish it as a flagship event of HPNLU, Shimla, as we believe such events and competitions are the need of the hour to minimize the suffering and provide students with platforms and opportunities to nurture the future members of the Indian Legal Fraternity by enabling them to face the dynamic Indian Justice System.


The competition seeks to provide a prodigious experience that will amplify the interests of young minds in this niche practice of law. The competition will help students brainstorm probable solutions for a near to reality challenges while providing them with the comfort of choosing their roles as per their preferences. It, therefore, tries to break the monotony of theory-based learning and helps students in putting their knowledge and skills to use.
This competition will also provide an opportunity for the participants to develop the requisite lawyering and communication skills through various training sessions conducted by industry professionals. The appealing and ever-growing fields of Law will be selected for this competition to expose the participants to a situation where the interests of clients are multifold, often going beyond mere commercial interests. The participants are expected to take a multi-dimensional approach in reaching a settlement, showcasing the variety of fields that can be effectively be dealt with via mediation.



The Competition is open to every student pursuing either five years or three-year course in law from various Schools/ Colleges/ Universitiesrecognised by the Bar Council of India. For the purpose of eligible students, it is hereby clarified that all the students in one team shall belong to one institution only.

  • Each team shall comprise 3 students- one mediator, one client and one counsel.
  • The roles of the students shall remain the same throughout the rounds.
  • There will be two preliminary rounds.
  • Post preliminary rounds, ballots will be scored for each team and the top 16 client-counsel pair and Mediators will qualify for the quarter-finals.
  • Post quarter-finals, top 8 client-counsel pair and Mediators will qualify for Semi-finals.
  • The top two performers from each category of roles (Client-counsel pair and Mediator) played by the participants will qualify for the final round.
  • Provisional registration will be opened for all eligible institutes. Out of which thirty-two (32) teams will be selected for the competition. Selection will be based on the screening process of each team individually.
  • The participants/institutes are required to complete the “Provisional Registration” only through the Google Form link annexed below which shall be done on or before September 5th, 2021.
  • The final list of teams (along with the waiting team list) will be released by September 7th, 2021.
  • The “Final Registration” shall be considered to be completed only after the participants make the payment of the registration fees which shall be done on or before September 10th, 2020.
  • Final registration details will be released to participants individually via e-mail, only after the provisional registration processis completed.
  • Registration Amount – Rs. 2500/- per team.

The provisional registrations are now open! Get ready for the HPNLU FIRST NATIONAL MEDIATION COMPETITION, 2021

Link for the Provisional Registration

The Competition will be Virtual/ Online via Cisco Webex Portal.

  • The winning Mediating Pair of the final round will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- along with two (2) one-year access cards to SCC Online Web Edition (Academic) worth Rs. 24,000 each.
  • The runner-up Mediating Pair of the final round will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 7000/- along with two (2) one Year access cards to EBC Learning worth Rs.14,500 each.
  • The best mediator from the final round will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 5000/- along with one (1) one-year access cards to SCC Online Web Edition (Academic) worth Rs. 24,000.
  • The runner-up mediator from the final round will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 2000/- along with one (1) one-year access cardsto EBC Learning worth worth Rs. 14,500.
  • An e-certificate of participation will be provided to all the participants.
  • 5th August- Starting of Provisional Registration
  • 1st September- Last date for provisional registrations
  • 5th September- Announcement of Short Listed Teams and Waiting list
  • 10th September- Final Registration of Short Listed Teams
  • 15th September- Release of Mediation Problems
  • 18th September- Last Date to Submit Clarifications
  • 21st September- Release of Clarifications
  • 22nd September- Date of Traning Program/ Workshop
  • 25th September- Preliminary Rounds
  • 26th September- Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Final Round and Valedictory Ceremony.

Note: The dates, schedules and details pertaining to the competition are tentative in nature and subject to change. In case of any change, the details shall be communicated by the organising committee at the earliest. Please follow us on social media for timely updates.


All efforts are made to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information published at Legally Flawless. However, Legally Flawless shall not be responsible for any errors caused due to oversight or otherwise. The users are advised to check the information themselves.

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