Virtual Internship Opportunity at Centre for Criminology, Criminal Justice & Victimology, RGNUL Punjab | Apply by July 20

About Centre for Criminology, Criminal Justice and Victimology

Keeping in view the broad policy of Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab (RGNUL) to promote research in the field of law, the Centre for Criminology, Criminal Justice and Victimology (CCV) has been purposefully established under the able leadership of Prof. Dr. G.S. Bajpai, Vice-Chancellor, RGNUL, to provide critical and necessitated focus towards fostering the objective of carrying fundamental and applied research on the evolving aspects of transformative criminal justice system including the dimensions of victimology and criminology as particular areas of interest.

About Internship at Centre for Criminology, Criminal Justice and Victimology

The Centre for Criminology, Criminal Justice and Victimology is offering an eight-week intensive internship program to undergraduate law students from various recognized law universities across the country. The program is open for application from students enrolled in 1st – 5th year (Batch 2021-2026 to Batch 2018- 2023) in the Five-Year Integrated Course and 1st- 3rd year in the Three-Year LLB Course.

Specific number of seats in the slot are reserved for students of Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab. Therefore, students from RGNUL are strongly encouraged to apply.


Internship will be for minimum of eight-weeks in the months of August-September, 2022 and may be extended on the request of the intern only after the approval of the internship supervisor.


The internship will function on a remote working policy.

Nature of Internship

The intern will be expected to undergo intensive research during the period of internship. The intern will be required to work on preferred research projects, policy engagements and may assist the Centre in its day-today functioning.

The interns will have to submit a mandatory blog/ presentation on the conclusion of the internship on the topic relevant to their research and broad objectives of the centre.


A certificate of completion of internship with a qualifying grade will be provided to each intern who successfully completes the eight-week internship.

There shall be no stipend provided to any intern.

Last Date to Apply

The deadline for the submission of application is on July 20, 2022.

No further extension shall be granted.

Application Process

The selection for the internship shall be conducted over the successful completion of a two-step process.

I. In the first stage of application, the applicants are required to fill the Application Form recording their personal details, previous work experiences and credentials.

The form also contains two application-based questions which the applicants are required to answer as an assessment of their critical reasoning as well as research-writing skills. The answers shall be scrutinised for similarity with the present literature, any evidence of plagiarism above the permissible percentage shall lead to automatic disqualification. The questions in the form are:

  • In our adversarial criminal justice system, cardinal principle of innocent until proven guilty is ingrained in the ethos of our justice system. However, this principle gets tarnished during the media trials spewing hatred. Suggest measures for balancing the freedom of press and privacy in criminal trial. (Max. 400 words)
  • A juvenile accused is also a victim of other socio-economic factors, in light of this Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act, 2015 was implemented. However, this act is not free of flaws, what are the flaws in the act and remedy to rectify it? (Max. 400 words)

II. The final stage shall be an interview round of those candidates which are selected after the first stage. In the interview round, the candidates shall be assessed on their preliminary knowledge of the concerned discipline, their presence of mind as well as enthusiasm and interest to work with the CCV.

Further communication and information shall be conducted with the candidates through e-mail or any other electronic platform.

Please note that any internship application received over email or any other medium outside the provided internship application form shall not be considered for evaluation.


For any further queries feel free to email us at: [email protected] or contact:

Tanishq Gupta +91 9953304960

Shreya Maloo +91 9649704902


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