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The first edition of the Allen & Overy – NLUJ International Deal Negotiation Competition will be held from March 10-12, 2023. The Competition will host 32 teams across India and abroad, selected on the basis of the University’s experience and achievements in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The competition will span over the course of the weekend and include the opening ceremony, a training session by A&O and a networking session for participants. It will also include two preliminary rounds, a formal socials event,  and the closing ceremony & announcement of awards.

Format for the Competition

In this practical simulation of commercial negotiation, two teams (each consisting of a participant acting as a client and counsel) will compete for around one hour. Terms like mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, investment instruments, etc. will all be on the table during negotiations. The organizers’ goal is to write a proposal that is useful, informative, and comprehensive.

The problem will be unveiled in two parts for this competition. Participants will have access to the “General Information” a few months before the event, which will provide context for the proposed transaction. Participants will be tasked with determining what the client’s business needs are and developing strategies to meet those demands.

Additional information (such as financial information, obligations, etc.) about the company, its requirements, and its strategy will be provided in the “Confidential Information.” This exercise will put the participants’ abilities to think logically and represent clients’ interests under pressure.


  • Each team will consist of two members, representing the client and the counsel.
  • Both negotiators shall be full-time undergraduate students who would be required to represent their clients in the negotiation of deals in a commercial set-up.
  • The Competition is open to all students currently enrolled in full-time undergraduate degree courses in law.

Registration Process


Submission Deadline

November 23, 2022

Contact Information

In case of any queries, please contact [email protected].

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