[FREE] 3 Day Online Bootcamp on Should I do an LLM abroad?


Consider the below questions:

  • Do you want to pursue an LL.M. abroad? Do you want to know how to identify the right subject, best universities, country, scholarships and other relevant details?
  • Is pursuing an LL.M. a good fit for your career? Is it going to be worth the investment? Will it help you to migrate abroad?
  • Can you get jobs abroad after you pursue LLM from top international universities, especially if you crack foreign bar exams?
  • Do you sometimes find the volume of information on international LLMs confusing and overwhelming? Do you want to know how to go about the entire process?
LawSikho is bringing a 3-day FREE online bootcamp to answer your questions around Should I do an LLM abroad? How can it help my career?

Don’t let these mistakes jeopardise your career.

Several young and mid-career lawyers dream of moving to a foreign country in the hope of securing better job opportunities.

  • Most candidates do insufficient research on LLM programs and do not know how to write SOPs. They perform these tasks at the last minute, when there is little or no time to improve their CV, or their track record, or life experiences.
  • As a result, they don’t get admission in the universities that they want, or the scholarships that they want. Eventually, they end up pursuing local or correspondence LLMs, which don’t enhance their opportunities.
  • Some spend obscene amounts on an LL.M. hoping for a direct entry into the foreign job market, but arrive clueless. After spending a year in that country, they eventually come back home empty handed.
  • Some even crack the bar exam of New York and California but do not land a job.
  • At the end, several candidates end up with a huge debt, or the burden of having spent their own or parents’ savings, without any returns.

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