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    Analyzing the Impact of Deceptive Healthcare Products, Practices and Medical Negligence on Consumers

    Introduction Everyone wants to live a healthy life since health is vital in people's lives....

    Analyzing the Growing Dilemma of Paying Service Charge at Restaurants

    Introduction An unsavoury row over service charge has led to a ban on restaurants and...

    Legal Remedies Available to Consumers against Market Problems

    Introduction In our daily routine lives, we consume a number of goods and services for...

    Analyzing the Role of Consumer Laws in RERA

    Introduction Real Estate is one of the most important sectors of our country. Many people...

    Medical Negligence and the Remedies Available

    Introduction “A doctor, like anyone else who has to deal with human beings, each of...

    Changes and Covid Impact on the Health Insurance Industry in India

    Introduction Insurance or rather forms of insurance, such as bottomry have been part of most...

    Things One Must Keep In Mind While Filing A Consumer Complaint

    Introduction In a layman's language, a consumer is the one who buys or rents certain...

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