Webinar on “Decoding Mediation in Contemporary Times- An attempt at easing the workload of Judiciary” by Delhi Judicial Reforms Council, NJRC: Register by 6th Nov. 2023


The Delhi Judicial Reforms Council, NJRC is organizing a webinar on “Decoding Mediation in Contemporary times- An attempt at easing the workload of Judiciary (Discussion on the provisions of upcoming Mediation Act 2023)” on 7th of November, 2023.

About the Delhi Judicial Reforms Council

Delhi Judicial Reforms Council is a part of the National Judicial Reforms Council working under the aegis of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI), which is a premier National Business Chamber for Women envisioning Global Impact for Women Entrepreneurs, Businesswomen and Professionals from all walks of life.

Supported by the massive global and influential women’s networks viz. G100, ALL Ladies League (ALL), Women Economic Forum (WEF) and SHEconomy, with 250,000 members and industry leaders worldwide, WICCI drives fundamental changes in governmental policies, laws, incentives and entrepreneurial ecosystems, with a view to robustly encourage and empower women in business, industry and commerce across all sectors and fields. Representing a wide variety of sectors of industry, economy and society, WICCI actively engages the voice of thousands of women entrepreneurs and professionals.

Delhi Judicial Reforms Council aims to

  • Emphasizing on enhancing the legal status of stakeholders within the state, taking a holistic approach to improve their legal rights and standing.
  • Prioritizing legal education to promote greater legal awareness. The council’s goal is to empower individuals by equipping them with the knowledge and understanding of legal principles and processes, enabling them to assert their rights effectively.
  • Establishing a secure and supportive environment for the unobstructed exercise of these rights. The council is committed to creating a setting where individuals can confidently exercise their rights without fear of threats or hindrances.
  • Encouraging active participation in the legal system by motivating individuals to fulfill their responsibilities and duties.
  • Enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the legal framework by leveraging the resources and expertise of the judicial system to expedite and strengthen the implementation of reforms.

About the Webinar

The purpose of this webinar is to illuminate the progress of Mediation as an effective means of resolving disputes in India, thus broadening the understanding of young individuals about the advancements occurring in this expanding legal arena. The guest speaker, H.K. Chaturvedi Sir, is poised to impart invaluable insights and expertise, offering aspiring lawyers and legal professionals nationwide a fresh and unique perspective.

Expert Speaker for the Event

The Keynote Speaker of the webinar will be H.K. Chaturvedi, Sir.

Mr. H.K. Chaturvedi is an erudite in the field of law, having 29 years of expertise in the sphere of Civil, criminal, Corporate, Matrimonial, Service, Labour, Industrial, Intellectual Property Rights and Constitutional matters. He is the Founding & Managing Partner of H.K. Law Offices and is designated as Advocate-On-Record in the Supreme Court of India. With great expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), he is a Panel Arbitrator in various renowned institutions including Delhi International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd (TCIL) and Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL). He is also a Senior & Trained Mediator in Delhi High Court Mediation Centre since 2008 and has been mediating for the last 15 years continuously in different type of disputes. Mr. Chaturvedi is still conducting mediation and arbitration cases on a regular basis as part of his profession.

General Information

  • E-Certificates shall be sent to the participants on their registered e-mail ids.
  • Mode: Online.
  • Date: 7th November, 2023.
  • Time: 6:00 PM (IST) Onward.


  • There is no registration cost or limits, the webinar is open to all Lawyers, Academicians, students, and other stakeholders or persons interested in exploring the realm of dispute resolution.

Registration Link and Deadline

  • Participants need to register on the link:

Click Here to Register!

  • The deadline for registration is 6th November 2023 at 6:00 PM. (IST). 

Contact Details

Email I’d: [email protected]

Event Coordinators:

  • VISHAKHA KAUSHIK (President, DJRC): +91 98990 15657
  • SHREYA SINGH (Vice-President, DJRC):  +91 92054 42552

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