Protecting Celebrity Rights: Anil Kapoor's Landmark Legal Victory

The Delhi High Court has passed an interim order safeguarding the personality rights of renowned Bollywood actor, Anil Kapoor.

Justice Prathiba M Singh, issued an interim injunction preventing various entities from exploiting Kapoor's image, name, voice, or any other aspect of his persona for financial gains without his explicit consent.

This case also sought protection against the misuse of his personality rights through emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, deepfakes, and GIFs.

Kapoor's suit seeks to restrain various entities, including anonymous entities referred to as 'John Does,' from exploiting his name and iconic nicknames like 'Lakhan,' 'Mr. India,' 'Majnu Bhai,' and the popular phrase 'Jhakaas' without his permission for commercial purposes.

Justice Singh emphasized that while free speech and satire are protected rights, there is a clear distinction when it comes to the potential tarnishment of an individual's reputation and privacy.

Kapoor's case underscores that a celebrity's image is not only personal but also a significant source of livelihood, affecting not only the individual but also their friends and family.

This decision follows a similar relief granted to veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan, further solidifying the importance of safeguarding celebrities from scams and frauds that exploit their images and voices.


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