Mohd. Akbar Lone to file affidavit swearing allegiance to the Constitution in Article 370 Case

Mohd. Akabar Lone is a Member of Parliament and leader of the National Conference.

The Supreme Court of India, while hearing the case of Article 370 of the Constitution has asked Mr. Lone to file an affidavit swearing allegiance to the Constitution of India

The SG tells SC that the Centre wants Lone to apologize for the 'Pakistan Zindabad' slogan in 2018 and state his allegiance to the Constitution.

Sr. Adv. Kapil Sibal argues that Member of Parliament already take oath swearing allegiance to the COI and upholding the integrity of India.

Shri Sibal further adds, "He is an MP of Lok Sabha. He is (a) citizen of India and sworn to his office by the Constitution. He accepts the sovereignty of India."

The Supreme Court observed that no one knocking the doors of the court, using the Constitutional provisions can get scot-free for a serious Constitutional misdemeanour.


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