Last Minute tips to prepare for CLAT 2023

You need to make your own strategy regarding the time to be given to each section, the questions that are to be left, etc.

Make your own Strategy

It is suggested to refrain from learning new topics and revise the concepts which you have already learnt.

Revise - Revise - Revise

This is one of the best tips which has helped even the toppers of CLAT Exams as many questions tend to repeat themselves.

Solve Previous Year Question Papers

The role of focus is very much important for competitive exams. The focus should especially be maintained during the final days of preparation and during the exam.


The importance of Mock Tests cannot be emphasized much but you should limit the number of mocks when the exam is closer rather focus on analyzig the previous mocks.

Give Mock Tests

CLAT does not judge your intelligence but it judges your strategy. So, try to score as much as possible through easy questions and sections then move to the tougher ones.

Easy to Tough Strategy

"Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted 


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