Justice JS Verma Fellowships  for practice at the Supreme Court by SCLWT

Supreme Court Lawyers Welfare Trust (SCLWT) established in 2008 to support and promote professional opportunities and welfare programs for Supreme Court lawyers.

2. Recognize and promote young legal talent.

1. Foster excellence in litigation at the apex court.

About Justice JS Verma Fellowships

1. Enrolled lawyers with any State Bar Council in India.  2. 2 to 5 years of practice in any Indian court.  3. Practice excludes non-litigation roles, teaching, and clerkships.  4. Commitment to 2 years' practice at the Supreme Court.


1. Monthly stipend of ₹30,000 for 2 years.  2. One-time subscription to SCC Online.

Fellowship Entitlements 

1. Email required documents to scwelfaretrust@gmail.com by September 25, 2023  2. Documents include CV, 1,000-word essay on best case, and 300-word Statement of Purpose.

Application Process

1. Panel of Trustees shortlists 15 candidates.  2. Final interviews by Trust Chairperson and Trustees in October 2023.

Selection Process


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