How Non-NLU Students can make a bright career in Law?

The CLAT Consortium has released the results of CLAT 2023 on 23.12.2022. However, not all the applicants could make it to the top NLUs.

Don't be disheartened if you could not make it to the top National Law University as we are going to share a step-by-step guide to make successful legal career.

If you are from a Non-NLU, it is possible that you involve yourself in the debate the bias that students from Non-NLUs face. However, there are many examples of students from Non-NLUs doind even better than NLU Students.

NLU v. N0n-NLU

Your reason to study Law must be clear. You must then identify the colleges that can help you accomplish your 'Why' of studying the Law.

Identify Your Reason

There are students who are interested in cracking the Judiciary Exams. So, they look up for colleges that are not keen on attendance and can give them the liberty to prepare for the exams. Traditional Law Universities are a good option if you want to take this path.

Identify Your Reason

Only students from the top 5 NLUs have a chance of getting recruited by Teir-1 Law Firms. However, others can also make their chances by gaining skills, interning and then trying for a PPO.

Law-Firm Jobs

- Good Faculty and Professors - Guest lectures and Seminars   - Campus recruitment agency  - Internships

Important Things you should look for in a Law School

- Talk to the Alumni - Take the help of LinkedIn to connect.

How to select a private law school?

- Never compare your Law School - Don't blindly follow the advice of CLAT Coachings while deciding to join Law Colleges. - Talk to the students presently enrolled in that college

Important Tips for the new batch

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