Delhi High Court grants Bail in the 102 kg Heroin Recovery Case

The proprietor of Shree Balaji Trading Company has been granted bail by the Delhi High Court.

The court observed that there were no reasonable grounds to believe the petitioner's guilt and no evidence to show his involvement in any offense while on bail.

The petitioner was not in conscious possession of the contraband, which was intercepted before it reached him.

The court concluded that the petitioner was acting as a trader unaware of the contraband hidden in the consignment.

The petitioner had clean antecedents and a good reputation in the industry, as evidenced by various certificates of appreciation.

The acceptance of cash as an advance for the consignment appeared to be part of a regular trading deal.

The petitioner was an unlikely candidate for involvement in large-scale smuggling, given his established reputation.

The petitioner is a permanent resident of Delhi and has always cooperated in the investigation, making him not a flight risk.

There were no independent witnesses, and the court found no evidence of tampering with evidence or any involvement in terror activities.

The petitioner suffers from a serious medical condition (blood cancer) and requires consistent medical attention.


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