The Union Cabinet on 14th June approved a scheme called ‘Agneepath’ and the youth selected under this scheme will be known as ‘Agniveers’. This scheme will allow patriotic and motivated youth to serve the army for four years, termed as a ‘game-changing’ project this will give the army, navy, and air force a young image.

Eligibility: 1. Candidates who have completed their 10thand 12th education can apply for this scheme. 2. Enrolment will be done on the ‘All India All Class’ basis with ages ranging from 17.5-21 years. 3.Agniveers will meet the medical   requirements for military enlistment as they apply to specific category /trades.

The Scheme

Agniveers will get a monthly salary of Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 and 75% of them will retire after four years and they will be getting an exit package of Rs 11.71 lakh, half of which will be contributed from them only and the rest 25% will be inducted into the regular cadre of armed forces. The Agneepath scheme is also open for women based on service requirements.


1.To slash ballooning salary and pension bill 2.It gives youth of the country a chance to serve their country and contribute to national development. 3.The armed forces will be more vibrant and youthful.   4.In army the average age would be dropped from 32 to 26.

Why it is being crticised?

1. There is no pilot project to test this scheme. 2. It can lead to militarization of society. 3. It takes 7-8 years to become a fully trained soldier. 4. It can dilute professionalism and military ethos. 5. There will be bulk of Agniveers looking for second career.

Two days after government unveiled the Agneepath scheme protests raged in several cities, main concern for protestors are job security, pension and they are also concerned with the four year tenure that is provided in the scheme and they are saying that they will be rendered jobless after four years. Owing to the protests government has increased the age limit from 21 years to 23 years and defence minister has also approved 10% reservation for Agniveers in defence ministry jobs.

Though protests are being carried out against this scheme and it is being criticised but Countries like United States, France follow a similar short-term contractual basis as Agnipath for their soldiers too. Russia, China and Israel also have a mandatory short-term military service for all their citizen.

Countries which have similar military policy like Agneepath scheme

Violent protests are taking place against the Agneepath scheme in various cities, especially in the region of Bihar and UP, trains are being burnt, and public property is vandalized by the protestors which are causing problems for people.

Peaceful protests are a more effective way of bringing out social change and political change and we urge protestors to adopt peaceful methods for getting their agendas clear.


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