Nishith Desai Centre for Thought Leadership on International Taxation (NDCIT) Excellence Course on International Tax Law

About Nishith Desai Associates

Nishith Desai Associates have earned the reputation of being Asia’s most Innovative Law Firm – and the go-to specialists for companies around the world, looking to conduct businesses in India and for Indian companies considering business expansion abroad. In fact, they have conceptualized and created a state-of-the-art Blue Sky Thinking and Research Campus, Imaginarium Aligunjan, an international institution dedicated to designing a premeditated future with an embedded strategic foresight capability.

Nishith Desai Associates is research and strategy-driven international firm with offices in Mumbai, Palo Alto (Silicon Valley), Bangalore, Singapore, New Delhi, Munich, and New York. The team comprises of specialists who provide strategic advice on legal, regulatory, and tax-related matters in an integrated manner basis key insights carefully culled from the allied industries.

About the Course

The Nishith Desai Centre for Thought Leadership on International Taxation (NDCIT) is delighted to announce its Excellence Course on International Tax Law. This residential course is offered exclusively to a maximum of 15 law students from participating universities, and run from 31 July to 12 August 2023.

Course Structure

The course will cover two important modules: Comparative International Aspects of Domestic Taxation and Tax Treaties. It has been designed and taught by Dr. Dhruv Janssen-Sanghavi, a well-known academic in the field and leader of NDA’s International Tax and International Tax Litigation Practices from the Netherlands. 

With 80 contact hours of intensive learning, this milestone course will equip students with valuable insights into international tax law and policy. There will be two 4-hour examinations, with a passing mark of 6 (out of 10).


Week 1

  • Monday: Juridical Double Taxation, Economic Double Taxation & Relief 2 Lectures (8 hours)
  • Tuesday:  Workshop on JDT & EDT Lecture on Introduction to Tax Treaties, Treaty Interpretation & Treaty Residence (4+4 hours)
  • Wednesday: Taxation of business profits – I Lecture + Workshop (4 + 4 hours)
  • Thursday: Taxation of business profits – II Lecture + Workshop (4 + 4 hours)
  • Friday: Dividends, Interest, Royalties, Income from immovable property and capital gains Lecture + Workshop (4 + 4 hours)
  • Saturday: Exam (4 hours) + Social programme

Week 2

  • Monday: Taxation of individuals – Salaries, Independent Personal Services + FTS Lecture + Workshop (4+4 hours)
  • Tuesday: Taxation of individuals (Directors, Sportspersons, Pensions) Advanced Issues in Tax Treaty Interpretation (4 + 4 hours)
  • Wednesday: Non-discrimination & Relief from Double Taxation (advanced issues – stock options + conflicts of characterisation) Lecture + Workshop (4+4 hours)
  • Thursday: Taxation of partnerships & other hybrid entities Lecture + Workshop (4+4 hours)
  • Friday: Final Exam (4 hours) + Social Programme


NDA’s research campus at Alibaug.

NDA shall arrange, gratis, for the students’ board and lodging at Alibaug for the duration of the course.


15 Students


2 weeks

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