National Article Writing Competition on Commercial Law by Journal And Seminar Committee of the Department Of Law, University Of Calcutta: Register by 1st Nov.

About the University of Calcutta

The University of Calcutta, informally known as Calcutta University, is a collegiate public state university located in Kolkata, West Bengal. It was established on 24 January 1857 and was one of the first institutions in Asia to be established as a multidisciplinary and Western-style university. Established in 1909 under the guidance of Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee, the Department of Law of the University of Calcutta is one of the oldest legal institutions in the South Asian subcontinent.

About the Journal and Seminar Committee (JSC)

The Journal and Seminar Committee (JSC) is a student-run academic committee of the Department of Law, University of Calcutta, committed to regulate, facilitate and promote the spirit of legal research, academic writing and substantive discourse within the realm of contemporaneous jurisprudence. Although established by name in 2017, the Committee adopted its Specific Rules on 19th June 2019. Since, the structure of the Committee and its functions thereof were formalised upon ratification of the said Rules. Deriving its delegated authority from the Student Committee Rules of 2017, the 2019 Specific Rules of the Journal and Seminar Committee mandate the Committee’s oversight on the functioning of the Departmental Journal and Blog and provides it with the exclusive authority to organise Lectures, Seminars, Conferences,Competitions and Symposia within the Department. Presently, the Committee runs the Department’s official Blog (Legis Sententia) and has organised a panel discussion on “THE RISE OF CORPORATE LEGAL SECTOR AND ITS IMPACT ON UPCOMING GRADUATES” in November last year and a webinar on “CAREERS IN CRIMINAL LITIGATION” in August 2023.

With the commencement of the new JSC Academic Year 2023-24, the present Executive Board of the Committee has decided to conduct a National Article Writing Competition to provide an academic platform for the young and brilliant legal minds of the country to edge and showcase their research, analytical and writing skills.


Commercial Law


The central motive of this competition is to give rise to a formal opportunity where constructive opinions on the contemporaneous jurisprudential issue of paramount importance and fundamental relevance can, under the guidance of our sub-themes, be fearlessly deliberated upon.


The competition is open for all the law students enrolled under any undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral course at any college or University recognised by Bar Council of India.


It is allowed up to a maximum of 2 authors. (The co-authors can be from different institutions).

Prizes and Publications

  • 1st Prize: Rs. 2000 + Certificate of Merit + Publication in Legis Sententia
  • 2nd price: Rs.1000 +Certificate of Merit + Publication in Legis Sententia
  • 3rd Prize: Rs. 500 + Certificate of Merit + Publication in Legis Sententia

Registration Fee

  • INR 100/- (for single author submission)
  • INR 180/- (for co-authored submission)

Important Dates

  • Last date of registration: 1st November 2023
  • Last date of submission: 30th November 2023
  • Date of publication of result: 22nd December 2023

Official Brochure


All efforts are made to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information published at Legally Flawless. However, Legally Flawless shall not be responsible for any errors caused due to oversight or otherwise. The users are advised to check the information themselves.

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