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About the GLC Mumbai

The Government Law College, Mumbai, (GLC Mumbai), founded in 1855, is the one of the oldest law school in Asia. It is affiliated to the University of Mumbai and is run by the Government of Maharashtra.

About the MUN

GLC Mumbai is organising it’s twelfth edition of MUN to be held from July 16-17, 2022 at its campus in Mumbai.

GLC Mumbai is organising it’s twelfth edition of GLC MUN to be held from July 16-17, 2022. GLCMUN is the embodiment of great diplomatic and rational minds. MUNs are a compilation of politically astute youth who learn through voicing their exclusive thought processing global concerns.

The conference aims at instigating young minds to think beyond issues that plague the world harmony and to look for solutions that disturb humanity altogether. It is an opportunity to gain knowledge through peaceful negotiations and collective decision making.

GLCMUN will have six distinct committees, all of which will test delegate’s abilities to address and expand their global-view.

The vision is to create a platform for the future leaders of the world to grace and shine upon! GLCMUN very firmly believes that the MUN Conferences are not just an exploration of world-views but also a platform to formulate one’s perception and ideology.

The purpose of simulation of Model UN Conference has been to inculcate the idea of the United Nations among students, wherein the aim is to instigate young minds to think beyond issues that plague world harmony and to look for solutions to the problems that disturb humanity together.

The conference intends to educate participants about International Relations and  Politics, providing them an opportunity to gain knowledge through peaceful negotiations and collective decision making, serving as a tool for participants to develop speaking, debating and negotiation skills.

Here, the idea is to create awareness through which ordinary people will be thus engaged as allies and stakeholders in law enforcement rather than neutral observers and worse.


The theme of the Conference for this year is – ‘Promoting the Culture of Lawfulness’. With this conference, the aim is to change the dynamic of law enforcement by marginalizing lawless behavior.

General Information

  • Dates: July 16-17,2022
  • Venue: Government Law College Mumbai, Churchgate
  • Eligibility Criteria: Students of age group 14-24

Awards and Certificates

The following awards will be given:

  1. Best Delegate: A cash prize of INR 12,000 award will be given to the outstanding delegate in each committee.
  2. High Commendation: A cash prize of INR 7,000 will be given to the delegate who is nearly outstanding as the best delegate.
  3. Special Mention: A cash prize of INR 4,000 will be given to the delegates who excelled in major fields.
  4. Best Delegation: A cash prize of INR 20,000 will be given to the delegation which excelled in all the areas.
  5. Best Reporter: A cash prize of INR 6,000 will be given to the delegate who excelled in the art of making reports.
  6. Best Photographer: A cash prize of INR 6,000 will be given to the delegate who will capture the best memories of the conference.

Committees and Agendas

  1. UNSC (United Nations Security Council): Addressing Threats to International Peace and Security by Destabilizing Countries.
  2. WTO (World Trade Organization): Harnessing Blockchain for Sustainable Development
  3. UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council): Protection of Freedom of Expression, Press Freedom and Journalistic Safety in Conflict Zones
  4. AIPPM (All India Political Parties Meet): The issue of co-operative federalism in the country with special focus on the imposition of Hindi as a national language, needed amendments in the 7th Schedule of the Indian Constitution, the effectiveness of the Inter-State Council.
  5. Lok Sabha: Deliberation upon Media Trials in India and its impact on fundamental rights and criminal trial
  6. International Press


To register for the competition, Click here

  • Registration Fee: INR 1600 per Delegate
  • Accommodation Fee: INR 3000 per Delegate
  • For Delegation Registration you are requested to contact the organisers through the details mentioned at the end of the post.

Payment Details

  • Following are the A/c details for bank transfer:
    • A/c no.: 36696484470
    • IFSC Code: SBIN0005926
  • Following are the details for online transfer:
    • 8765630846@upi


Government Law College, 1002, A Rd, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020


In case of queries, please email at delegate.affairs[at]theglcmun[dot]com.

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