5 books every lawyer/ law student must read!


Lawyers do a lot of reading and investigative work may be more than any other Profession. There are books that we read and hold them back on the rack and further, there are books that we read and furthermore, remember them for the rest of our lives.

This blog will deal with 5 of such must-read books for law students which are very affordable and also classic law books for non-lawyers and law enthusiasts.

1. Legal Confidential: Adventures of an Indian Lawyer


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About the Author:-

Ranjeev C Dubey is a published author who brings together his understanding of the legal commercial and political world in a unique perspective which has since 2004 found expression in his monthly column Fine Print written for the premier business magazine Business World. Over the last decade, his keen and continual observation of evolving current commercial, legal and political events has led to a very specific if counter-intuitive view on the forces that are driving India’s destiny.

About the book:-

This book delivers an entertaining account and perspective on the life of an advocate. A captivating story of an Advocate trying to make his mark in the legal fraternity highlighting the ill practices and how does an advocate who wants to survive on his own and not take monetary assistance from his family makes his living plus what action and attitude is required to be a successful advocate.



Rookie lawyer Ranjeev C. Dubey slogs his way through the corridors of Delhi’s trial courts and realizes that the legal system is anything but fair. He stumbles upon a strange world of corruption, sleaze, adultery, eloping couples and clients willing to pay for legal services ‘in kind’. He survives the ‘killing field’ of litigation for twelve long years, biding his time.


This book can be purchased through  https://amzn.to/3idRzyV


2. Legal Eagles: Stories of the Top Seven Indian Lawyers

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About the Author:-


Indu Bhan is one of India’s top legal reporters with over a decade of experience in writing about the Indian legal system. She is an assistant editor with the Financial Express. She also writes a weekly column, Verdict Corner, on the recent developments in the field of law. Her first book, Legal Eagles was published in 2015. In the past, Indu has worked with Business StandardMint and the Press Trust of India. She lives in Delhi.

About the book:

Written with a brilliant strategy, the book gives an insight into the lives of grandmasters of the field, beautifully intricated with their childhood, academics, and of course the professional lives.





  • Harish Salve failed his CA exam twice.
  • Mukul Rohatgi was unable to secure a place at the Law Faculty, Delhi University.
  • Rohinton Nariman was trained to become a Parsi priest.

Legal Eagles examine the lives and times of India’s top seven lawyers, who fought some of the country’s landmark courtroom battles. Tracing their journey from their childhood days to the present, the book highlights the important milestones of their careers, their victories and failures, their influences, and their work ethic and role models, demonstrating that the path to success is paved with determination, grit, and challenges.


This book can be purchased through https://amzn.to/3oKyeHW

3. 10 Judgements That Changed India

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About the Author:-

Zia Mody is an Indian corporate lawyer and businesswoman. She is considered an authority on corporate merger and acquisition law, securities law, private equity, and project finance.

About the book:-

This book is a collection of cases that had a landmark implication in the legal development of rights. From Keshavanda Bharati case to Olga Tellis, it contains both the background and the explanation of legal principles that were laid down by the court in these cases.
This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn in detail about the cases which this book discusses.

Here are the Supreme Court of India’s ten pivotal judgments that have transformed Indian democracy and redefined our daily lives. Exploring vital themes such as custodial deaths, reservations, and environmental jurisprudence, this book contextualizes the judgments, explains key concepts, and maps their impacts. Written by one of India’s most respected lawyers, “Ten Judgements That Changed India” is an authoritative yet accessible read for anyone keen to understand India’s legal system and the foundations of our democracy.


 This book can be purchased through https://amzn.to/35HanBz

4. God Save the Hon’ble Supreme Court

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About the Author:-

Fali Sam Nariman is a distinguished Indian Constitutional jurist and senior advocate to the Supreme Court of India since 1971 and has remained the President of the Bar Association of India since 1991. Nariman is an internationally recognized authority on international arbitration. He is one of India\’s most distinguished constitutional lawyers and he has argued several leading cases.


About the book

The book talks about the importance of the constitution well mingling it with his experience of several decades of legal practice and also the opinions of luminaries in the field from the world over. To be vigilant in a democracy one needs to be well versed with the intricacies and implications of our constitution, which the author does well.

Whatever be the subject, FALI S. NARIMAN drives home his points on the basis of sound and logical contentions and arguments. Also, he questions the recent functioning of the Supreme Court of India, the government’s policies vis-à-vis the press, the judiciary, and particularly the minorities, who, he declares, today need to be protected, as per the Constitution, more than ever before. He peppers the text with countless facts, innumerable anecdotes, and enthralling incidents that make for fascinating and enriching reading.


This book can be purchased through https://amzn.to/3bHBIHK

5. Ram Jethmalani Maverick Unchanged, Unrepentant 

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About the Author:-

Ram Jethmalani, respected and feared for his candor in matters political, remains an enigma to many. As a public figure—a politician always in demand, the highest-rated criminal lawyer in the country, and an international legal authority—he is held in high esteem. In over fifty years of being an active politician, he has never allowed political allegiance to compromise his values.


About the book:-

This is a collection of essays by the author on some of the major topics concerning India-its politics and its neighbors. By the very nature of his long life and the expanse of history that he has closely witnessed, we are given a wider perspective on the situations. Time has proven many viewpoints redundant but it does not negate the value of debate and discussion.

This volume is a compilation of the author’s insights into the state of Indian politics today, expressed with clarity and frankness, laying bare the cover-ups and deception that have come to plague India’s body politic. Jethmalani’s arguments are incisive, often explosive, but above all, they cannot be set aside. Some of the burning issues discussed in this book are black money, governance, corruption, Kashmir, China and Pakistan, fundamentalism and the rise of terror. Maverick Unchanged, Unrepentant is a searing critique of the disease inherent in government.

This book can be purchased through https://amzn.to/3oMXs8G

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